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9 Steps On How To Change A Motorcycle Tire

9 Steps On How To Change A Motorcycle Tire

Whether a tire is damaged or old every rider must change his/her motorcycle tires at a given time

. Motorcycle tires are designed differently for different purposes and it is important that the motorcycle owner learns how to change a motorcycle tire when need be.

When changing tires it is important that you remember that the rear tire is always different from the front tire. This is because if the tires are not properly installed it can be dangerous for the rider and also create chances of tire damages. Consider the steps mentioned in this article for better results.

Get the repair tools. The very basic step is to ensure that you have gathered the necessary tools. A good rider is one who always takes this repair tools with him on every ride.

Deflate the old tire. Before replacing a tire, it is obvious that there is an old tire intact. Take time to deflate the old tire. Do so by slowly letting out the pressure that is in the tire. The pressure is always strong so hold the valve core more tightly.

Mark wheel direction. The wheel direction is an important thing to note. Make sure you have a pencil with you. With the pencil draw an arrow to mark the rim, indicating the direction that the wheel spins.

Break the bead. The bead breaker tool is the next thing to reach for. Use this to separate the bead from the rim. The bead is not broken until you hear a pop sound. But you need to understand that the bead should be broken on both sides, so turn over the tire and break the bead on the other side.

Lubricate the tire bead and the inner walls of the tire. The tire bead will definitely require lubrication so spray a little silicone lubricant on both sides. This makes it easier for the rider to insert tire irons under the tire to be able to both sides of the tire from the rim. When the new tire slips out, lubricate its inner walls thoroughly.

Position the motorcycle tire to go with the marks on the rim. Remember the pencil marks you made on your rim? Place the tire in a position that matches the direction you marked earlier. Make sure you use the tire irons to attach the tire to the rim.

Pump air into the tire. Using a compressed air pump, pump some air in to your new tire but do not fully inflate the tire.

Replace the tire beads. Insert the tire beads carefully in to your new tire.

Inflate your tires. Every motorcycle tire has a recommended psi, so inflate your tire to the psi that is suitable for the tire type.

A tire that is installed correctly will reduce the risk of you getting involved in an accident as well as prevent tire damage.

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9 Steps On How To Change A Motorcycle Tire