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5 Things To Do To Guard Against Bed Bugs When Traveling

5 Things To Do To Guard Against Bed Bugs When Traveling

Isn't it simply horrible to sleep in a hotel bed that hasnt been cleared of its previous occupant

? Whats worse is if theres more than one occupant like, say, thousands instead? Thats bed bugs for you.

Do not assume that if youre in Alaska or the sweltering hot regions of Saudi Arabia youre safe from them because youre not. They actually are one of the most relentless, unforgiving and non-discriminating pests in the world. By non-discriminating we mean race, age or gender of any human being. Theyre everywhere!

To be sure youre protected from them or to prevent any unfortunate mishaps from happening, here are five primary tasks you need to observe before getting comfortable with your hotel room.

1.Always carry around with you a flashlight. Aside from the obvious reasons of what a flashlight is for, bugs in general cannot stand the light and would immediately scurry away when light is shone upon them. This is essentially the singular most important tool you would need.
5 Things To Do To Guard Against Bed Bugs When Traveling

2.Upon entering the room, do NOT put your baggage on the floor just yet. Put them on a table or chair that does not have any cloth or cushioning on them. Better yet, unpack all your stuff on the cold hard flooring of the bathroom (check if the flooring has bathroom rugs and if they do, stay away from them as well).

3.Using your flashlight, inspect every nook and cranny in the room starting from the beds headboard and down to the different mattress layers. Pay close attention to the seams of the bed because its their usual hangout while not eating. If you so not see any of the crawlers, try looking for trails such as dark spots on the bed frame itself, the mattress and the pillows. If ever possible, get down to the bed springs as well. Be careful when you do this though that your clothes do not touch any of these surfaces to avoid any transference.

4.If you do not find any, chances are that you will not have a problem sleeping soundly. If, however, you do find a couple or so, contact the hotels front desk immediately and have them look at the problem. Make them understand that you will definitely not sleep in that bed or room as long as there bed bugs positively identified. In a normal situation they will readily provide you another room especially when you brandish that flashlight and they see that you havent unpacked yet. They might even suspect you of being the unannounced hotel inspector.

5.Go online and check out the hotel youre planning to stay in. Look for third-party comments, reviews and blogs of the hotel that specifically target any manifestation regarding bed bugs.

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