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10 Reasons Why Boxing "rocks"

10 Reasons Why Boxing

Boxing specialist Glen Walsh brings boxing to personal trainers as an alternative

method of cardio-vascular training that is guaranteed to be fun and safe while still providing all the benefits of a fitness workout...

Here are 10 Reasons why Boxing "Rocks" for your Clients!

* The high intensity training of a 'boxing workout' burns incredible amounts of fat in recovery so you do not have to work out as often

* Boxing will increase stamina, strength, speed and coordination 10 Reasons Why Boxing

* Boxing is a holistic workout that releases stress

* Boxing is a brilliant aerobic workout that will increase your heart and lung capacity

* The constant rotation of the upper body means your abdominal muscles and obliques (love handles) are constantly worked without doing a sit up

* Boxing increases postural muscle strength, helping to alleviate common lower back complaints and giving you the appearance of being thinner and taller

* Boxing conditions the total body

* Boxing is a high intensity full body workout and females who train this way will find they will tone their butts, legs and torso more effectively

* Boxing can be done in isolation through shadow boxing, in pairs and for those who like group exercise, this is a must!

* Boxing is so versatile trainers can do it indoors or outdoors. A perfect all year around activity

Consider Boxing As A Full Body Workout!

Boxing has become ever more increasingly popular as a full body workout for both men and women. All areas of the body get targeted, for example:

Chest, Shoulders and Arms

Punching better known as (Jabbing in boxing) is a great way to give your tricep muscles a workout (which can be a problem area for women). Your chest and shoulders, also gain a massive workout every time you punch!

Upper and Lower Back

The increase in lower back pain within our community and directly with our clients is high, and sadly increasing. Boxing for fitness is one of the few activities you can do with your clients that certainly defines, strengthens and tones your whole back. Movement patterns pertinent to boxing such as twisting, turning and rotating the upper body while pivoting on your feet guarantees your lower back gets strengthened throughout the workout.

Butt and Legs

Boxing for fitness is a multi compound full leg workout. Each time you duck and weave you work your inner thighs (abductors muscles) quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Also in ducking and weaving you give your butt muscles (gluteals) a good workout.


Your abdominal muscles are continuously being activated. The deep abdominal muscle (transverse) is being contracted isometrically while your superficial muscles rectus abdominus along with your internal and external obliques are working isotonically to create core stabalisation while your torso is twisting, ducking and weaving.


If you are bored with your current cardio-vascular fitness program and looking for something different, then seriously try boxing! It's so versatile, it can be done indoors or out, and it's not affected by seasonal changes or every day weather patterns, (wind, rain or sun). This way of training will teach you self defence techniques while keeping you fit, strong and looking great!

by: Linda Honl
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10 Reasons Why Boxing "rocks"