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Your Charlotte Nc Cosmetic Dentist Can Help If You Are Considering Dental Implants

Visiting a reliable cosmetic dentist is the first step to having a more confident smile for those considering dental implants in Charlotte NC

. By age 44, nearly 75% of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth. People with tooth loss often find that cosmetic dentistry is a helpful way to increase self-esteem and even make daily tasks, like eating, easier.

Dental implants provide a denture alternative were bridges and dentures. These days there are other options, like dental implants. Regardless of whether tooth loss is because of tooth.

For many years the only options for people suffering from tooth loss decay, gingivitis, or injury, dental implants can be a great solution. Dental implants are replacement roots that provide a strong foundation for permanent teeth. A reliable implant dentist will make the dental implants to match the patient's natural teeth. Charlotte NC residents no longer have to be burdened by not having a perfect smile.

Dental implants increase quality of life

Having missing teeth fixed or replaced is not just about aesthetics. Often missing teeth make it difficult to eat, and sometimes speech is affected. While dental implants will provide improved appearance, patients enjoy that they feel permanent. Oftentimes with dentures, the teeth can slip causing speech problems. As a denture alternative, dental implants allow patients to not have to worry teeth slipping.

Dentures can also make chewing difficult. However, dental implants function like your own teeth, making eating pain free. Because they are fused with bone, they are more comfortable than traditional dentures.

In addition to the cosmetic and practice benefits of dental implants, people considering dental implants should be aware that implants can improve oral health. When one of the trusted Charlotte NC sedation dentists gives a patient dental implants, most of the patient's teeth are left intact, which helps improve long-term oral health.

What to expect at a dental implant consultation

A trusted Charlotte NC cosmetic dentist who focuses on implant dentistry will thoroughly examine a patient's teeth during the consultation- evaluating gums, bone density and teeth quantity. Often, dentists will use x-rays and CT scans to determine whether or not there is sufficient bone structure for the implants. The implant dentist will also be able to determine where the implant will be placed.

Nearly 100% success rate with dental implants

For people considering dental implants, the success rate can be a concern. But, when a trusted cosmetic dentist installs dental implants correctly, there is a 98% success rate. Because of the durability, many dental implants will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Who can get dental implants?

As long as a patient has healthy gums, and bone strong enough to hold the implant, they can be considered for dental implants. It is also important that patients are committed to good oral hygiene and will continue to regularly visit their trusted sedation dentist. However, if patients smoke heavily or have uncontrolled chronic disorders, they will need to evaluated individually by their cosmetic dentist.

If you are considering dental implants in Charlotte NC, contact the reliable implant dentists today to discuss your options.

by: Shirley C. Dudley
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