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Wisdom Teeth Removal With Ease

No one likes the idea of wisdom teeth removal. It sounds scary and painful. However, having your wisdom teeth removed doesnt have to be a huge problem you have to dread. Today, new advances in dental procedures make it possible to go through a wisdom teeth extraction with ease. In fact, we take special care to ensure our patients deal with as little pain as possible. Although you will no doubt experience some discomfort, the removal doesnt have to be as scary and painful as you imagine it to be.

You may be wondering what you can expect when you have a wisdom teeth removal surgery. To help you feel more prepared, here is a look at what you might expect.

When you go through the procedure for wisdom teeth extraction, some type of anaesthesia will be used. Anaesthesia is used to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure. One option is local anaesthesia, which is given in one or more injections of a local anaesthetic around the area where the removal will take place. The gums are numbed before these injections so they are as pain free as possible. With this type of anaesthesia, youll be awake while the extraction is taking place. However, while you may feel the dentist or oral surgeon moving around, you probably wont have any pain.

Sedation anaesthesia is the other anaesthesia option that youll have when undergoing a wisdom teeth removal. This type of anaesthesia is either inhaled or it is given to you through an IV in your arm. With this type of anaesthesia, youll be unconscious while the extraction is taking place, which keeps you from feeling pain. Youll be closely monitored to make sure you dont have any problems.

When the extraction is taking place, the procedure can vary. If the tooth is above the gums and is not impacted, it can easily be extracted. However, usually an incision has to be made in your gums to help expose the bone and tooth. If bone is blocking the tooth, it will need to be removed. Sometimes the tooth can be removed in one piece, but often it will need to be removed in sections. After the wisdom teeth removal, the site is carefully cleaned, sometimes stitched, and then packed with gauze.

The most important thing to remember about wisdom teeth removal is that we work to make sure the procedure is as easy and comfortable for you as possible. You dont have to dread having your wisdom teeth out if the procedure is necessary for your dental health.

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