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Why To Choose Family Flotter Health Insurance

Why To Choose Family Flotter Health Insurance

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan is a good Health Insurance scheme for the whole

family while Individual Health Insurance is for an individual only. Therefore Individual Health Insurance when extended for the entire family is called a Family Floater Plan. Thus, for the entire family the best health insurance solution, based on the necessity could be a Family Floater plan. However, before the best health insurance option would be obtained, on-line research and analysis should be done on the need and requirement of your family and compare plans along several companies to find out the best health insurance for the family.

Thus, a Family Floater Policy is a plan which covers the entire family which usually includes self, spouse as well as two dependent children. Several plans do cover dependent parents, parents-in-law and brothers and sisters also. When a family of four is covered for Rs 5 lakhs in all, in this case each member is eligible to utilize the entire amount of five lakhs as hospital expenditures. Thus, a family floater policy provides the advantage of additional coverage. It doesn't have to be the best health insurance policy available for the family but it could absolutely be a quite cost effective solution with suitable advantages.

A Family Floater Policy is usually less expensive as compared to Individual Health Policies. The total cost of buying individual policies for all four members in a family is always more compared to getting an umbrella cover for the entire family. The same could easily be verified by insurance comparison of different policies from several companies.

If in case of only a single claim in a year, the family member in a Family Floater Plan gets a greater claim amount compared to what he might get on an al cover in an Individual health Insurance Plan. That is because the entire umbrella cover, of say 5 lakhs, is available to each and every member.Why To Choose Family Flotter Health Insurance

As well, in a Family Floater plan, since each member can be included to the same policy without paying for a fresh policy, it is very simple and good for an individual to maintain the same. In individual policies, a fresh plan needs to be taken out every time an addition to the family happens and therefore becomes difficult to track.

Therefore, even though Family Floater may not be the answer to the needs and requirements of finest health insurance plan for most of families, however it certainly is a alternative to many. Even others, who usually sit down to opt the best health insurance policy for their families, and compare insurance policies of individual policies and Family Floaters, actually turn out purchasing a Family Floater because of the umbrella cover and it being an economic solution, preferred by most.

Why To Choose Family Flotter Health Insurance

By: Deepak Yohannan
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