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Why Should You Consider a Pre-Paid Legal Business? by:Jonas Recule

Why Should You Consider a Pre-Paid Legal Business? by:Jonas Recule

A typical search on Google for the phrase 'home based business' actually comes up with over 500,000,000 searches

. Starting a home based business can be a daunting task, especially with so many so called opportunities popping left and right with so many claims from so many so-called gurus. It's hard to decipher thru the million of pages on Google, to find the right opportunity. And most importantly, with their so called overnight success claims, how do you know whether those so called experts are actually telling the truth or just want to run with your money, leave you in the cold, while you're running in circle trying to get a refund. Sounds familiar!!!

I've faced the same situation when I decided to start my home-based business. But we all know it can be an extremely overwhelmed experience, especially in these economic times. It's important to DO the proper research and due diligence to insure you are actually dealing with a REAL solid company, one with a proven track record, and most importantly, one that has actually withstood the test of time. You DO NOT want to be dealing with a company who's here today and gone tomorrow. You do want to explore the NEED in the marketplace for the product you'll be offering; you want to make sure the product is something the market actually needs, and most importantly, you want to gauge the competition. You don't want to offer a product anyone can get at a local retail outlet or any other stores for the same price or better. As an example, I get a number of junkmail daily about the 'acai berry' product. Well, I recently went to GNC and guess what? They have the same product sitting on the shelf. You get the picture... you want to offer something that is truly unique whereby if anyone needs it, in order for him or her to get access to it, he or she has to come to you.

One company I'd like to showcase, which I'm associated with, is Pre-Paid Legal services, Inc. Now, this may sound a bit biased, but I urge you to do your due diligence on this company. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc is a publicly traded company, been around since 1972 and have actually gone public since 1976. As you know, any publicly traded company is like a glass house. All their data, i.e.... financial information, earning statements, revenues generated, etc... are readily available and posted online. Nevertheless, this company offers a suite of badly needed products that are both truly cutting edge and unique. I'm referring to a 'Legal Plan' along with an 'Identity Theft Shield Plan'. Another things I like about this company is the fact that it's not another one of those 'ME-TOO' types of products. You can't go to the mall, your local grocery outlet or even try to download the product via bittorrent. It just won't work. More importantly, with less than 2% of the market being captured thus far... it's very similar to health care at its infancy. Anyone with vision can see what this translates into mathematically.

I view business as a chess game, and for this analogy, I'd like to select 2 very important pieces on the board. In business, you can choose to be an employee, in this case - 'The PAWN' working at someone else's company, helping to build the company, working from 8AM to faint and knowing all the while, due to the economic uncertainty, on any given day, you can be laid off, fired or the plant can be closed for some unknown reason. Now, I'm quite sure we've seen so many of these occurrences and heard of so many announcements in the news, just within the last couple of years. Or, you can be the boss - 'The KING' piece on the board. Working diligently on your 'Plan B', which will eventually become your 'Plan A'. Then you'll have the time freedom to work from home. Spending quality time with your family and friends, waking up when you're tired of sleeping. With the latter, you're actually building something that will sustain and most importantly you're actually building your dream, something that's actually yours instead of building someone else's dream. More importantly, based on your vision, drive, motivation and desire, there is no telling how far you can go...

Those of you who have actually thought about starting your own home-based business, I urge you to carefully dissect this company, and even if you have no desire to go to business for yourself, it's important to have a 'Plan-B' to fall back on. Wisdom is always the key, it's wise to have something solid to fall back on - just in case.

Take Action Now - Learn more about the Product and Opportunity here...

About the author

Jonas Recule an Entrepreneur, Successful Coach and Team Builder - I'd like to personally challenge you to own a Pre-Paid Legal plan, and most importantly, start your own home-based business today, get a 'Plan-B' in place. Stretch your entrepreneurial muscles to its fullest. Click on this link to evaluate the opportunity awaiting for you with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
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