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Why Encourage Mobile Payments And What Is In It For Consumers?

Why Encourage Mobile Payments And What Is In It For Consumers?

Technology has definitely brought human kind to higher places and this is evident in mobile technology

. 20-30 years ago, who would have known that we would have touch screen phones with cameras, internet access, and the ability to make video calls? Aside from all the said perks brought about by this technology, we can even pay bills through our mobile phone.

With the help of the internet, consumers can now make mobile payments. Technology may be a good thing but most of us still find it easier to transact with people even if there are a lot of inconveniences that go with it. Even if mobile convenience is already presented to us some of us are still wary and doubtful whether or not it is safe to do payment transactions through mobile phones.

Here are some of the consumer benefits if you pay by SMS:


With the help of mobile payment transactions, consumers wont have to bring huge amounts of cash around to make their payments, or go to a bank to send the money. As long as you have a mobile phone and internet access, you can easily make your payment transactions wherever you may be. Whether you are on the train station, or walking in the park, or even having your office break whenever you feel like paying, you can easily do that using your mobile phone.

Most of the time, consumers will just have to create an account, log onto it and easily transfer the money. Other times, a quick scan of the mobile phone will instantly credit all purchases to the consumer card.


One of the biggest advantages of paying through your mobile is increased security during transactions. Through there are other forms of payments such as credit cards and check payments, most people avoid these because sometimes they come with additional charges. Paying huge amounts in cash, most of the time is not an option.

If you pay with SMS, you can forget about inputting your credit card information and all private information over and over again.

Increased Income

Consumers love it when they feel at ease and when companies provide convenience. Implementing the use of mobile payments for consumer purchases can be a great marketing strategy and if potential clients will realize that making transactions using mobile payments will make their lives easier, more consumers will purchase through your company resulting to higher sales and increased income.

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