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Why Diep Flap Breast Reconstruction Is Better

The trauma of breast cancer is the most common type in women following skin cancer

. Men have been known to be victims of this type of cancer, as well, but this is rare. Radiation, chemotherapy, lumpectomy and mastectomy are the treatment options which are widely used to knock out the disease. Reconstructing the breast, especially by using the DIEP Flap method, can put a woman's life back on track.

Radiation stops cancer cells by applying substantial amounts of radiation to the diseased regions. Radiation kills the cancerous cells and causes them to stop multiplying. Chemotherapy is a technique which kills the disease by toxic chemicals that are delivered to the body through intravenous drip, injections or pills. Lumpectomy is the removal of a portion of the diseased breast. Mastectomy removes it in its entirety.

A woman should perform monthly self examinations to ensure that she doesn't have any red flags which may point to the potential that the disease is lurking. Signs that should be noted include bumps, nipple peeling or flaking and any unusual change in shape. Annual medical exams including mammograms should be done, as well.

DIEP stand for Deep Inferior Epigastic Perforator. This is a reconstructive method where the musculature structure is left intact with only external skin being removed. This tends to produce a more natural appearing result. Abdominal skin and fatty tissue is derived from the area between the belly button and pubic bone and then used to form the new breast. This is very similar to the procedure used for a tummy tuck. It has been reported that this transported skin will gain weight, just as if it were still on the abdomen, which can be a plus. It is also a benefit that excess fatty tissue is removed from the abdomen, since it is an area that typically could use some slimming.

The nipple and areola will also need to be reconstructed or restored and placed in an appropriately central location on each mound. Scarring will occur but will fade over time.

The DIEP flap method began to be utilized during the 1990's, so it is a fairly new technique. It is a complex surgery and one best performed by a plastic surgeon who specializes in this particular procedure. If a woman is in need of reconstructive surgery, she should make an appointment for an initial consultation in order to see "before and after" photos and to discover whether she is an appropriate candidate for this particular method.

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