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Why Boat Holidays Are Great

Why Boat Holidays Are Great

Boat holidays are a fantastic way to unwind and have a holiday experience like no other on the water.

There's nothing quite like meandering through networks of rivers and canals, at speeds of around 4-6mph; so far removed from the fast pace rush-hour existence you are accustomed to.

Boat holidays offer a great chance to enjoy some diverse wildlife; you can pass through nature reserves and spot rare birds in their natural habitats, as well as other creatures that dwell far away from town life.

Possibly one of the most appealing factors in boat holidays is how completely unrestricted you are for the whole time. You can go as slow as you feel you want to, and you can stop and start as you please.

The maximum speed you'll want to travel is around 7mph, and if you cruise for around 4 hours each day, you will cover 80 - 100 miles per week. Just stop off anywhere you are interested in, secure the boat and off you go to explore! Towns, cities and villages are within walking distance, meaning you can moor up and spend a night on the town, or enjoy any other attractions such as restaurants, museums, shopping, cathedrals, castles; whatever takes your fancy.

Boat holidays are great also because your pet dog can join in the fun on board; meaning no one in the family need be left behind.

There is no expertise needed for hiring a boat for boat holidays, and you don't need a license to drive a boat. You'll be fully trained by staff from the holiday company you are hiring the boat from, and there are a few simple rules to follow, a bit like the Highway Code (but not as complicated). You will be given a comprehensive boating manual to keep with you on board should you need to refer to it at any time.

Many companies that organize boat holidays will present you with a boat with a full tank of fuel and this is often included in the price. More often than not this is enough for the whole of your holiday. If you are charged, the money will be taken from your fuel deposit, and it will only be for the fuel you have used.

Holidays by boat offer an unbeatable way to see the countryside at your own pace, and relax amongst nature with friends; an experience that just can't be beaten.

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Why Boat Holidays Are Great