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Why ATV Rider Courses are Good for Everyone by:Billy Whitmire

Why ATV Rider Courses are Good for Everyone by:Billy Whitmire

The conditions for riding an ATV or motorcycle on public land may be changing over the next few years

. Many states are now requiring riders to obtain permits in order to ride on publicly owned land. The criteria for obtaining a permit is, to pay a fee and if age limits apply, show proof of a rider safety or education course.

There are many benefits for states to implement such programs and these include safer trails, better maintained trails and safer riders on the trails. By improving the overall riding experience for everyone, riding on public land will improve dramatically. Rider training courses will result in fewer problems and less injuries to riders on the trail.

The revenue generated by the permits obtained by riders will produce a much safer environment for families that enjoy taking excursions onto public lands. There will be more educated, experienced riders and park personnel to patrol the trails. This is good for all riders who enjoy trail riding in the wilderness with their ATV or dirt bike.

ATV riders love the great outdoors and public parks have many great trails for their riding. Keeping the trails safe and populated with competent riders is important, that way everyone can have a great experience riding the trails. Now permits are not a cure-all, but at least the norm of riding experience needed will be raised for all riders. This reduces the risk of inexperienced riders injuring themselves or others.
Why ATV Rider Courses are Good for Everyone by:Billy Whitmire

Part of the requirements for obtaining a permit is proper vehicle condition. The ATV or dirt bike that is to be used on public land will have to undergo, and pass an inspection. Many less riders will become stranded due to breakdowns, which will also reduce park expenditures for emergency services, as a result.

Rugged trails are a treat for the experienced rider, but there is a limit to how deteriorated a trail can become before it is impassable. With the money generated from rider permits the park service can maintain trails better. Many parks are building trails with these funds for the expressed use of ATV or dirt bike riders.

There are parks that have already built a series of trails which can span hundreds of miles for those taking short, medium or long riding excursions. Many families like to take riding vacations, and with park trails improving, they are fast becoming popular destinations.

The average age of riders is getting younger and younger, so the more training they can receive early on the better. An ATV or dirt bike is a powerful machine, and competent training early on can help young riders develop good riding habits. Properly trained, young riders can grow up to become mature riders, who enjoy riding safely.

One of the requirements for riding on public land will be the supervision of those riders under 17 years old by an adult rider. This requirement will not only allow the young riders to remain safe out on the trail, but will also create a safer environment for all riders.

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Why ATV Rider Courses are Good for Everyone by:Billy Whitmire