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Why Are Standlone Kids Wardrobes Preferred Over Fitted Ones?

Setting up your childs bedroom to perfection may prove to be a task that is easier said than done

. There are a number of things that you need to consider to make this room, not just appealing, but also functional for the little ones. The never ending stream of clothes is one of the main challenges that you need to consider while furnishing your childs bedroom. You cannot overlook the need for a good kids wardrobe to make the room look neat, clean and well organized at all times. Based on various factors such as age of the child, the space available and more, you can choose the best kids wardrobes designs that not just enhance the visual appeal, but also offer optimum storage.

Walk in wardrobes for children are not recommended since they occupy a lot of space. You can instead consider opting for a standalone kids wardrobe or fitted kids wardrobes. Each of the wardrobes have their own set of advantages and drawbacks and knowing more about them will help you make a well informed choice. One of the biggest advantages of standalone wardrobes is that you can easily replace them with bigger ones as your child grows. There are various types of standalone wardrobes available today for customers to choose from, considering there is an increasing demand for them. You can either choose from simple two-door designs or opt for ones that have cabinets as well as a set of drawers for storing certain essentials. On the flip side, these wardrobes, when made of plastics or fiber, may tend to fall easily. Therefore, you need to choose ones that are made of sturdy materials such as wood.

Fitted wardrobes on the other hand do not pose the threat of falling down easily. However, there are a number of other drawbacks that one has to be prepared for. One of the biggest drawbacks is that this type kids wardrobe cannot be replaced at regular intervals of time as the child grows. So the child has to be content with the space available which may not go down well with them. Also, the designs available in terms of fitted kids wardrobes are very limited in nature. You cannot experiment in terms of storage options as well.

Considering the versatility offered by the standalone kids wardrobes, customers prefer them in place of the fitted ones. The price of buying a standalone kids wardrobe is significantly lesser than getting a fitted one done. If you are looking for smaller wardrobes, you can opt for armoires that offer optimal storage facilities without infringing on the space. Though there are retail stores that sell these furniture items, the best collection can be found only in the stores on the internet. Online stores that specialize in furniture have an extensive range of designs that are popular not just in your region, but various parts of the world as well. To get the best for your child at prices that are easy on your wallet, logon to these stores and make your choice.

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