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Why An Ovarian Cyst Pain Occurs?

Ovarian cyst pain is an inauspicious realness for most of the women throughout their life span

. Due to the complexness in the female reproductive system and the procedure of the monthly menstrual cycle, periodic irregularities take place that can also originate ovarian cysts.

Both types of cysts i.e. simple and complex can cause pain during or after the menstrual cycle. If the cyst is functional then there will be a premenstrual pain as it is reacting to the higher denseness of blood-borne hormones taking place during the stage of the menstruation. Some other reason for the pain during the period of menstruation is because having a cyst which is called as an endometrioma.

Growth of an endometrioma, also called as chocolate cyst or endometriod cyst. This specific condition takes place when the tissues that usually arise in the uterus originate outside the uterus, within the peritoneal cavity. The tissues of uterus incline to arise on the surfaces of some other organs in the pelvis or the belly.

Endometrioma developed when these tissues arise on the ovary.

The chances of growing Endometriosis are only between 1 to 10%. These tissues can grow on the surface of any organ in the peritoneal cavity. It has to be remarked that more than eighty percent of pelvicendometriosis is discovered in one or both the ovaries. Endometriomas can be as big as 8 inches and is filled up with dark, reddish brown blood. These can block most of the ovary that causes infertility.

Few women feel no symptoms even though endometrioma is present. However, many women bear terrible menstrual cramps and pain during the sexual intercourse. Ramifications from endometriomas take place seldomly. But if a large endometrial cyst busts, then the material that it consist will leak into the pelvic cavity. This can also lead to the bleeding in the inner organs. These materials of the cyst can also fall over the surface of other pelvic organs such as uterus, intestines, bladder and fallopian tubes. Due to which the formation of scar tissue on other organs takes place. This can also lead to the problems of fertility.

Women suffering form the ovarian cyst may also experience the severe pain and discomfort during the sexual intercourse. Most probably pain occurs in the lower part of the abdominal near vagina and also in the lower back.

Dont ever ignore, if you feel any of the above symptoms or any type of unusual change in your body. If it happens, then one should consult a doctor and should take better treatment for the ovarian cyst pain.

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