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Who Pays For A Cancelled Pick Up

Who Pays For A Cancelled Pick Up

A Chicago courier ships thousands of packages per day

. They have people working in the front offices, in warehouses, and on delivery trucks. It is important that they keep their schedules and do the work that they are hired to do as any interruption in shipment could be expensive for both them and their client.

There will come a time when you may need to cancel a shipment. Keeping in mind that courier companies are on tight deadlines, what happens if you cancel a pickup that they are currently in route for? The simple answer is that they will not come to pick it up. What needs to be looked at is the cost of this cancellation and if you will be charged for that cancellation.

When dealing with a Chicago courier, they know that pickups can be cancelled regularly. While it seems like charging for cancelled pickups would be necessary, this often is not the case. As stated, couriers understand the business environment and know that customers can cancel orders. When this happens, you will need to cancel the pickup as the item that was originally order will no longer need to be shipped. Couriers understand this and consider this part of their business.

It does cost a courier money when a pickup is cancelled. In addition to the money they pay to maintain their scheduling and cancellation employees, there is also the cost of drivers who could already be in route to your facility. In addition, there is fuel cost and vehicle upkeep that can all be factored into the cost of a cancelled pickup.

Now, keep in mind that a courier is still in the business to make money and what can cost them money is often passed on to customers. This is not readily seen in the price, but the cost of cancelled shipments is often built in on the front end of pricing. This means that there is a minute charge that is factored into what a courier charges you that makes up for the time and money it cost them to receive canceled pickups.

Couriers may also have policies about cancelled pickups where you could be charged if you make their habitual cancel list. This means that although they understand the cost of business, they will not tolerate being taken advantage of by companies who cannot prioritize their shipping needs. As such, it is important that you have a strict policy within your company for scheduling and cancelling pickups.

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Who Pays For A Cancelled Pick Up