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Where Is Laptop Using Heat Come From

Where Is Laptop Using Heat Come From

Where is Laptop using heat come from


We are using the notebook for some time. Weoften found that notebook slowly get hot after using for a while, especially the bottom of laptop. The situation occur frequently in Summer. Where is laptop using heat come from?Where Is Laptop Using Heat Come From

When the machine overheating, some harm reasult happend: laptop system halted, restart, and even laptop parts burn (espacilly laptop battery). Which laptop part produce such a large amount of heat? Here I will give us a presentation.

As the desktop CPU's power consumption and heat is very large. It can not be used in notebook as Dell WW116 , so mobile processors is specifically designed for notebook. Many notebook CPU processor power consumption are over 20W, particularly in the mobile Pentium 4 processor. Though there are a lot of technology tips make notebook average energy consumption low, but the peak is still very high (more than 30W) when using. Many of these energy consumed will come into heat dissipation. Therefore we should always check the clearance of xps m1730 battery CPU fan air vents. Make sure there are no stolen goods block the air vents, that cause the heat can not dissipate. If the notebook CUP silicone hardening, we should replace it in time.

First, the XPS M1530 Battery notebook cooling heat is mainly come from the CPU working heat. But CPU heat is not the all. And the early CPU processor heat is not very large. Just use some simple passive cooling method that can satisfy the cooling needs of the machine. That is the heat sink cooling as we usually known. However, as the continuing escalation of CPU processors, while in the Pentium processor century, the processor's cooling is the big problem.

Secondly, the graphics card heat is also a large proportion. Early graphics cards heat is not large, but now a lot of high-end machines such as Inspiron E1505 Battery Inspiron E1705 Battery often configure the ATI Mobility Radeon HD4750 or GeForce GT240M such a good graphics card, so the heat also increase a lot.

Finally, there is some other hot parts, such as memory, hard drives, laptop battery, are also a number of laptop heat source.

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