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When will the "HBV discrimination" come to an end?

When will the

Author: Sanmanth

There are two pieces of proceeding news. The first one is the abolishment of HBV check in regular physical checkup; but then there is another piece of news from the Health Department the following day, claiming that "it is just the experts' opinion, rather than the official statement". Before the Chinese HBV carriers wiped out their moving tears, they then became disappointed and furious, what a painstaking effort! It is learnt from the science that the HBV mainly exist in the liver, blood and humor and is spread through blood and breast milk, while the milk and the saliva is hardly infectious, i.e. the HBV infection is almost unrelated to the contact in everyday life (including food and drink). In this case, it is unreasonable for the companies to refuse any HBV carrier. A group of people have to live inside the shadow. They flinch from it, they hide it. Because they were impose upon a trumped-up "imputation". They have a common name is hepatitis B virus carriers. They have a common enemy is hepatitis B discrimination. In the last century, 90 years, due to people's understanding of hepatitis B was very poor (many people mistakenly think the hepatitis B would be infected by regular life), all governments instituted the hepatitis B virus tests as a mandatory medical examination item, This act made 120 million people, unfortunately into a nightmare. With this authority, "example", coupled with overwhelming, false medical advertising to instill people misconceptions against hepatitis B, and it triggered the whole society on the hepatitis B virus panic and led to rampant discrimination against HBV. Since then, a large group of victim of the last century got a pair of heavy shackle additional while they were threatened or tortured by the virus-wai. They would have lost an equal right to work. They are full of anger and tears, but no place to appeal! Top-down discrimination, such as a scourge, was out of control. To face the strong discrimination, the only thing the carrier of hepatitis is B virus can do is to use tears to scrub the wound. They are hepatitis type B carriers. At some point "Hepatitis B" has become a daunting word, because it is always associated with "discrimination". What's more, in china, the huge groups of hepatitis type B carrier are locked out of jobs, education and marriage and suffer other plague of discrimination in social life. Mental harm to patients caused by discriminating is far greater than the pain caused by disease. In my opinion, the discrimination of psychological for many people is due to the restriction of medical level or research level. Thus, there was no objective understanding of HBV, and majority of people considered it to be easily spread. As matter of fact, sick is not fearful, but people's mind is! I wish the government strengthen people to understand about HBV, I wish people impersonally treat HBV. And give the understanding and help to these who are HBV patients or carriers.About the Author:

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When will the "HBV discrimination" come to an end? Washington