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When To See Your Asheboro Nc Doctor About Joint Replacement

When To See Your Asheboro Nc Doctor About Joint Replacement

It may be time to talk with your orthopedic doctor about joint replacement

. Cartilage damage to your joints does not have to keep you sitting on the sidelines, relegated to being a spectator. Thanks to advances in surgical techniques and replacement technology, joint replacement can relieve pain and allow you to live a fuller and more active life. Orthopedic surgeons in Asheboro NC are skilled at performing this effective joint surgery, which could help restore enjoyment to your life.

What is joint replacement?

In joint replacement surgery, an arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint, called a prosthesis. The goal of this joint surgery is to relieve the joint pain caused by cartilage damage. For many, total joint replacement may be considered if other treatment options fail to relieve the pain and accompanying disability.

Who is a candidate for joint surgery?When To See Your Asheboro Nc Doctor About Joint Replacement

Does your affected joint hurt more than one or two days a week? Do pain medications no longer work? Does joint pain keep you awake? Does joint pain interfere with everyday activities and keep you from doing things you love? If you and your orthopedic surgeon in Asheboro, NC, determine that you are a good candidate for joint replacement, you will be encouraged to prepare for joint surgery.

Understand joint replacement

Talk with your doctor. The more you know about joint replacement, the better. Ask what surgical technique will be used, what the prosthesis will look like, how it will feel, how long you can expect to stay in the hospital, what is involved in recovery and rehabilitation, and how long it will take. Feel free to ask questions, and speak up if you do not understand. This is your joint replacement surgery, and your participation is important.

Help your medical team help you

In the weeks before your surgery, there will be a lot of questions thrown your way. Various people will ask about your insurance coverage, medical history, and legal arrangements. While it may seem tedious to answer the same questions over and over, this information is necessary to meet quality assurance guidelines, as well as insurance guidelines. Writing down and gathering necessary information beforehand will help reduce your frustration and speed up the process. Here is some important information to include:

o A single family member or friend who will receive information from the doctor and pass it on to other concerned persons; complete listings of all your doctors and reasons for seeing them; medical conditions and previous operations; all medications you take regularly, including non-prescription medicines and supplements.

o Also include listings of allergies and past anesthesia or drug reactions; dietary restrictions or health problems such as diabetes, asthma, HIV, or hepatitis. Be sure to include complete insurance information, including company name, plan or group number, and contact information.

o Also, bring your insurance cards with you. Information about legal arrangements such as a living will or durable power of attorney, are important also. Be sure to bring a copy of these documents with you to the hospital.When To See Your Asheboro Nc Doctor About Joint Replacement

Get in shape

By preparing your body for joint reconstruction, you can affect the outcome of both the joint surgery and your recovery time. Quitting or cutting down smoking will enhance your blood flow patterns, which are vital to healing and recovery. Refrain from alcoholic drinks for 48 hours before surgery. Eat healthy foods, to give your body the nutrients it needs to heal. You may be asked to lose weight before joint surgery. Ask about pre-surgical exercises to help strengthen your body. Also ask the professionals about post-surgery exercises, so you can practice them and make them easier to perform after the surgery.

Joint replacement is serious business, and you should approach it with serious commitment. With the help of medical experts in Asheboro NC, joint replacement can help you return to the active and pain free lifestyle you once enjoyed. Visit orthopedic surgeon for more information on joint replacement, and make an appointment today to see if joint replacement surgery can return enjoyment to your life.

by: Shirley G. Dudley
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