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When Pregnant Avoid at all Costs, Alcohol and Caffeine

When Pregnant Avoid at all Costs, Alcohol and Caffeine

It is widely recognized that both alcohol and caffeine are harmful to the body of both men and women

. Pregnant women should avoid these at all costs, not only for their benefit, but for the health of their child.

Alcohol and pregnancy don't mix. How many times have we heard this? Alcohol can cause a lot of birth problems and defects. From the physical to the mental. FASD or foetal alcohol spectrum disorders describes the many, multiple and horrible problems that the fetus exposed to alcohol can go through. Every year, more than 40,000 babies are born with the FASD and it is sad because it can be avoided. It is only the decision of the mother that will determine if these happen, unfortunately a lot happen.

Point of fact: some women may think that if the only drink moderately or even less than that amount of alcohol it would not affect the baby. It is like playing cat and mouse with the guillotine here. Note: there have been no research results which show ANY safe amount of alcohol for the fetus. Facts clearly show that even if the amounts are at the barest minimum, FASD can still occur.

Alcohol is one of the toxic substances which can actually cross the placental barriers. This is what makes it very problematic. Even bacteria find it difficult to cross this barrier; apparently, alcohol is toxic enough to do.

Now just like any partners in crime, here come caffeine. Again, any small amount is dangerous to the baby. Evidence again shows that just like alcohol, caffeine can also cross the placental barrier. This makes it a very dangerous chemical indeed. Worse, caffeine gets stored for longer periods of time in both the mother and the baby's body. Once the levels increase to dangerous levels, it will be disastrous.

A lot of the caffeine can cause miscarriages, at any month of the pregnancy. The question then comes up, how much is too much?

Apparently, as the research shows, the very little amounts of coffee can accumulate in the blood, and that just a sip can be already too much.

When Pregnant Avoid at all Costs, Alcohol and Caffeine

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When Pregnant Avoid at all Costs, Alcohol and Caffeine