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When Do Dentists Recommend A Root Canal Treatment?

The mere thought of getting a root canal treatment done scares so many patients

. But we need to understand the reasons why the root canal treatment is suggested by the dentist. Getting down at the root causes of this may help us take care of the teeth and avoid the same trouble for other teeth in future.

As we also know the teeth look strong from outside but it has a very soft nerves chamber inside the tooth. This soft nerves chamber of the tooth consists of a nerve tissue and blood vessels. These nerves can deteriorate due to a deep tooth decay or tooth injury.

But unfortunately if the nerves completely dies, the nerve chamber will be infected leading to severe pain and swelling on the gums of the patient. Naturally, this condition affects the oral health of the patient, so the dentists recommend root canal treatment in such cases.

When A Root Canal Treatment Should Be Performed?

Normally, a root canal treatment is suggested by the dental surgeons at more complex dental cases than the usual swelling and pains on the gum. A thorough examination of the tooth conditions by the dental surgeon is very essential before undergoing the root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is a very expensive and painful dental treatment. Oftentimes, a gum infection can be mistaken into nerve infections and the root canal treatment is administered even if it is not needed. So it is vital to examine the symptoms of needing a root canal before finally undergoing such procedure.

The dental surgeons suggest a Root Canal Test to check the severity of the complication and the necessity of the root canal treatment.

Test for Root Canal Treatment:

* Try to differentiate the gum infection form nerve infection. Sometimes the gum infection disappears after cleaning of the space where the infection exists or by taking antibiotics.

* If there is a difference in the tooth color where the color of the tooth seems darker than its neighbor tooth, the chances of a nerve infection are higher.

* You can also check the tooth sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli. Expose the infected tooth to hot water if it hurts and when you feel relieve if expose to cold stimuli that is probably a nerve infection.

* Put pressure on your teeth if it you feel hurt then it might be a nerve infection.

* Use an electronic nerve tester to determine the exact infection. This device measures the ability of the nerve to react in an electrical stimulus.

If any of the above given signs is noticed, you will probably need to go to your dentist and get a root canal procedure done for your future benefits. Oracare Dental Center based in Pune,India is a leading dental clinic preferred by people from USA, UK and Europe who look for dental tourism in India to get the dental treatments for many oral health problems like damaged teeth or redesigning the smile.

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