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When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle? - When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill?

When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle? - When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill?

When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle? - When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill


Pregnancy is a brilliant transitional phase in a woman's life. The worst part about the pregnancy is the time which can be required for you to get pregnant. Along with the time required, there are a lot of pregnancy myths that confuse a woman who is aiming for childbirth, further more. When can you get pregnant? One question that most of the women hanker for. To find the answer of this question, you need to get more information about the basics of conception and the reproductive system of women.

Reproductive system of the women consists a pair of ovaries which contains numerous immature eggs (ovums). Some of these eggs get developed, with help of the follicle stimulating hormones (FSH). Amongst all these eggs, only one egg reaches to the mature stage every month. At the same time, the uterus gets prepared for the fertilized egg. This whole process causes increase in the estrogen hormone levels, which release egg into the uterus, where it can get fertilized by a productive sperm leading to pregnancy! Alright, but when can a woman get pregnant, exactly? More on best days to get pregnant.

When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle?When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle? - When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill?

Chances of getting pregnant during ovulation are much more higher that any other times. Menstrual cycle of an average woman is of 28 days. Occurrence of ovulation is expected on the 14 day of this cycle, counting from the first day of her period. On the seventh day from the first day, ovaries prepare the ovum and as a part of that preparation, the uterine lining starts to get thick. On the 13th or 14th day, ovum settles down in the fallopian tube awaiting the sperm. It can stay there for about 12 to 48 hours, hence it is very important for the fertilization to occur during this time span. This time period varies from woman to woman, hence for convenience, we can estimate that you can get pregnant till the 16th day of the menstruation. More on when are you most likely to get pregnant.

When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill?

When can you get pregnant while on birth control? A common question that many women are inquisitive about. Birth control pills is a common way of preventing pregnancy. For 99.5% times, they can prevent any unwanted pregnancy, depending on the type of the pills. Their main function is to stop the production of ovum as well as the uterine lining, which is very important for implantation. The best time to get pregnant when you are on the pills, is after you stop taking the pills. It makes the body to regain all the normal conception conditions. however, there is always 1% chance for you to get pregnant while on the birth control pills. It brings about one more question - when can you get pregnant after stopping the pill? Well, after you stop the birth control pills, your body needs more than two weeks to restart the normal process of ovulation. So, you can get pregnant any time after that. More on how to get pregnant fast?

When Can You Get Pregnant After a Miscarriage?

Getting pregnant after miscarriage is actually an emotional experience that brings in a lot of mixed feelings of anxiousness and excitement. It is important to remember the fact that, each pregnancy is a different thing and if you follow a good prenatal care, then you can experience an absolutely normal and healthy pregnancy. Any woman can get pregnant once her menstrual cycle gets to its normal rhythm after the miscarriage. Depending on type of the miscarriage, menstrual cycle can take 4 to 6 weeks to regain its normal state. Even after it gets normal, you also need to check for the hCG levels, which get reduced after a miscarriage. All in all, it very important to consult your obstetrician about your overall health, before trying to conceive after miscarriage.

When Can You Get Pregnant After Having a Baby?

If you are planning to get pregnant after a childbirth, then planning its time becomes even more important. Ideally, the time frame between first and the second delivery is of 15 months. Getting pregnant within 6 months of the first delivery increases risk of premature childbirth. But, you need to be very careful before planning the second pregnancy. Consult the issue with your obstetrician and consider your as well as health of your first child. Once you are sure about all these things and when your health care provider permits you to do so, you can try to conceive anytime after 6 months of the previous childbirth. Having intercourse before and after the ovulation period will definitely be helpful. More on easiest time to get pregnant. When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle? - When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill?

All said and done, answers to the question - when can you get pregnant? vary greatly but in short, we can say that there are a few days of the menstrual cycle, when chances of conceiving are greater. However, one shouldn't consider that she cannot get pregnant on any other days of the menstrual cycle. Getting pregnant depends greatly on overall health of a fertile woman. While some women get pregnant within 2 to 3 months after the decision of getting pregnant, some others may require 2 to 3 years before having their bundle-of-joys.

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When Can You Get Pregnant During Your Cycle? - When Can You Get Pregnant While On the Pill?