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What Separates Tooth Diamonds

It is a common conception to think of that jewelries and ornaments will appear better and more attractive if they are directly attached to the body

. Tattoos and piercings are some of the common body ornaments that individuals find attractive because of their personal attachment to their owners. However, these types of body ornaments may require painful measures and processes that its owners have to bear to fully experience its beauty. tooth diamonds are being used around the globe by millions of individuals because to avoid the same dilemma with getting a tattoo or a piercing. This type of body ornament does not require any painful process or stressful measure from its owner. Attaching a tooth diamond to the teeth of its owner will only take a couple minutes of painless glue attachments. The market value of these diamonds is dramatically increased to other market bases because of their painless feature. Minors and adults are getting these teeth jewelry without the technicalities of legal boundaries because it is also not dangerous and it does not put the well being of its owner in any risky situation.

The thickness of common teeth jewelries is only between o.4 mm to 0.9 mm and most of them only have a diameter between 1.8mm to 3mm. Swallowing a teeth jewelry will not be enough to block the airway of its owner. Even if teeth jewelries are composed of metal enclosures and crystals they are blunted by the polishing process that they have to go trough before being sold in the market. In the even that an owner swallowed his or her tooth diamond, it will simply come out the natural way.

The dental hygiene of teeth jewelry owners are not compromised since these jewelries are constructed almost flat. The binding enamel used with this type of jewelries allows brushing, believe it or not, orthodontic brackets are even a lot easier to be removed because of brushing. Dental clinics that offer attachments of teeth jewelries to their clients most of the time also offer dental cleaning services for those who availed their teeth jewelries. tooth diamonds separate itself from piercings and tattoos because of these reasons, it is painless, safer and easier to maintain. For more information visit to our site at

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What Separates Tooth Diamonds