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What Is Molding for Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

What Is Molding for Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

Whenever you own a car, it is a must that you as a car owner must be responsible

enough to know the ins and outs of your car down to the smallest detail. To get things started, let us make a quick and easy pass regarding auto glass.

Perhaps one of the basic concepts on auto glass a car owner may encounter is the molding for auto glass. Moldings are some of the basic parts needed when replacing or reinstalling an auto glass for your car.

Auto glass moldings are very important as they keep all the edges of your auto glass from being exposed. These days, a lot of cars have exposed edge glass which can be potentially dangerous. Moldings are needed and specially designed to make the work a lot easier and faster for reinstalling or replacing an auto glass.

The most important characteristic of a molding is that it sticks and stays stuck. A good molding is reliably self-adhesive and relatively flexible to allow for superior cornering. Moldings can either be made by rubber based materials or extremely flexible sponge materials. For installing an auto glass with extremely tight and complicated corners, moldings made of flexible sponge materials are more appropriate and perfect for such task. What Is Molding for Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

There are also some moldings that are made of a dense sponge that is flexible and strong at the same time. A high quality molding is made with high bond adhesive to reliably bond the auto glass on to the urethane. The molding keeps the auto glass in its safe and proper place to deliver more safety for both the driver and its passenger.

With an increasing number of vehicles that come with exposed edge glass, under the glass moldings are more appropriate to use. This type of molding is placed in between the auto glass and the urethane with a high quality adhesive to keep the auto glass in place.

Categorically, auto glass moldings come in three types-the solid, sponge, and firm sponge. Each type of molding is distinctly made to appropriately match various types and designs of an auto glass.

The molding is an extremely important accessory to best install an auto glass. It serves as the auto glass' skin and helps in keeping it in tact. To be assured of a more successful auto glass installation, simply follow the instructions given in auto glass installation kits or browse through the internet for a clear and concise step by step guide.

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What Is Molding for Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones