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What Is Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

What Is Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

Are you one of those new car owners who are wondering about the type of glass used for your car

? Well, auto glass is not like any other ordinary piece of glass. It is made of a special type of glass that as undergone a special process to enhance the strength and quality of the glass as a safety feature to effectively diminish, if possible, exterminate any risks that can be posed on the driver and its passengers as well.

Different types of auto glass are used for various types of car windows such as the car windshield and the side and rear windows including the quarter windows.

A laminated glass is the most common type of glass used for a car windshield. The car windshield is the most important car window as it is being located at the front of the car and plays a big role in providing optimum and clear vision for the driver. A laminated glass consists of two pieces of auto glass glued together with a tough interlayer of plastic. The three components are being sandwiched under extreme heat and pressure until they are effectively glued into a single piece.

When faced with a mild impact, laminated glass doesn't necessarily break. As for the case, when a rock chip accidentally flew towards the car's windshield, only a single or the outer layer of the auto glass can be easily penetrated. In this case, it is very possible to have a quick repair for the windshield instead of replacing the whole glass pane. But in worse cases, the auto glass still doesn't blow away into small fragments. Instead, the glass could have broken but are still glued together as a single piece.
What Is Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

For side and rear windows, tempered glass is used. Unlike laminated glass, the tempered glass only consists of a single glass pane. It also has undergone a different process to increase the strength of the glass. Tempered glass is made when an auto glass is heated at an extremely high temperature reaching at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and then rapidly cooled down. Such process is vital in increasing the impact resistance of the glass. Upon a huge blow of direct impact, tempered glass instantly shatters into very small fragments instead of huge chunks that can be severely dangerous for the driver and its passengers.

Auto glass is one of the key components of a car that highlights the safety feature of the vehicle. The auto glass is also specifically designed and processed to help withstand the crushing of the car's roof in case of a roll over. Basically, its main role is regarding on the effective and efficient energy transfer to lessen the effects of an accident.

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