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What Is a Laminated Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

What Is a Laminated Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

Since 1927, automakers began the use of laminated safety glass or auto glass for the car's windshield

. The windshield is the only part of the car that uses laminated auto glass. Other windows such as the side and the rear windows use a totally different type of auto glass known as the tempered auto glass.

Laminated auto glass is generally made up of two pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl that has been sandwiched between the two. The three pieces undergo a sensitive process where they are laminated together by using heat and pressure in an autoclave. The autoclave is a special oven used by car manufacturers for auto glass laminating purposes.

What makes laminated auto glass unique is its special construction where it is specifically designed to provide optimum safety for the driver and its passenger on the front seats in the event of a crash.

In light impacts where a small object may fly right into the windshield, only the outer layer receives a slight damage leaving the inner layer unharmed. In this instance, it still possible to repair the damaged part of the auto glass rather than replace the whole glass pane.
What Is a Laminated Auto Glass? by:Martine Jones

In worse cases with a more severe impact, there is a high possibility that the auto glass may shatter but does not usually fly apart. Instead, broken pieces are still stuck with each other to the vinyl inner lining. The laminated auto glass also acts as a safety barrier protecting the passengers inside the car from objects entering the vehicle.

In some cases, laminated auto glass is made of more than two pieces of glass with a thin layer of clear plastic film called polyvinyl butaryl sandwiched between them. One unique and interesting characteristic of the film is that it has the capability to stretch even as the glass stays stuck on it. For bullet proof vehicles, multiple layers of laminated auto glass are used to effectively stop bullets from penetrating into the glass.

Laminated auto glass reduces transmission of high frequency sound. It also serves as a great protection against the scorching heat of the sun as it can prevent 97% of ultra violet radiation from penetrating into the vehicle.

Aside from automobiles, there are also some other uses for laminated safety glass. These uses include thermometers, greenhouse windows, office partitions, shower enclosures, cutting boards, and more. During earthquakes and other tremor triggering events, laminated safety glass resists from falling out of its frame unlike regular types of glass.

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