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What Do People Without Health Insurance Do To Stay Healthy

What Do People Without Health Insurance Do To Stay Healthy

Unless you have experienced everyday life without health care insurance

, you really cannot understand what that side of life is like. No medical coverage of any kind is not the ideal situation to find yourself in, especially with the risks that are involved. "What If" scenarios can suddenly become serious realities with disastrous results.

The poor usually qualify for Medicaid and can get help when necessary. However, those who work, but cannot afford to purchase their own health insurance, are equally at a disadvantage of neither qualify for government assistance. This has been a real dilemma for many middle and low class working Americans.

Most people will choose to pay their necessary monthly bills, such as food, water, electric and vehicle expense, while putting a equally necessary health issue on hold. Just a couple of years ago, these same individuals had health care insurance and kept their health issues from becoming severe or life threatening.

If there isn't some help available soon to the poor working American; the "haves and have nots" gap will become noticeable wider. Not being able to include doctor visits or medical care into a monthly budget simply means they will have no other choice but to live without medical care. This is not a laziness or slothfulness issue, it is a economic issue and is in dire need of solutions with affordable options for everyone.

Every attending emergency room professional will testify to the overcrowding at certain hours of these facilities, especially the ones that offer services for free, as this is usually the only available for a growing number of citizens. These are the ones that have allowed their health issues to become too severe to be treatable during a regular office visit. This will also allow health care to be administered without the usual up front payment requirements.

by: Ethan Kalvin
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