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What Are The Various Teeth Whitening Processes?

With the advancement in the technology, people who want to be good-looking or just

want to boost their self confidence now have many options when it comes to the teeth whitening techniques. But there are still others who opt for a teeth whitening process that does not require new methods and very cost-effective at the same time.

If you are one of those who have stained teeth and would like to go through a teeth whitening process, here are some of the techniques to choose from in order to get back those pearly whites again.

Do-it-yourself kits

There are now hundreds of teeth whitening kits that you can use at home. Most of these can be bought over the counter and does not require a huge amount of money compared to the cost if you would consult professional help. You may choose from a wide array of teeth whiteners from different popular brands but it would help if you would also ask your dentist about their recommended kits. These DIY kits are effective. However, do not expect to get a fast or almost-instant result since it usually takes time before it works.

Teeth bleaching

You can get this service from your trusted dentist. The cost may be higher than the price of the teeth whitening kits but it works faster. More often than not, this is the option of those who have sensitive teeth.

Laser light

One of the newest teeth whitening processes is using the laser light to enhance the color of the teeth. Believe or not, it would only take a couple of hours or even minutes for you to see that spark on your teeth. Although this can be very expensive, many people nowadays opt for laser whitening because it is painless and there are no adverse effects afterwards.

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