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West Highland Terrier: How to Care for This Breed by:Richard Cussons

West Highland Terrier: How to Care for This Breed by:Richard Cussons

If you have just brought home a west highland terrier

, then believe that in no time you will be rewarded with devoted, happy and faithful dog that loves to be around people. This breed with distinct white coat is known to be courageous yet friendly. And just like any other dog breed, these small-sized dogs need to be cared for properly in order to keep them healthy, happy and allow them the privilege of reaching their prime.

Here are some advice you may find beneficial in giving your beloved pet the care he truly deserve:

1. This breed does not need frequent bathing. Doing so will only trigger allergies and dry skin issues considering the fact that they are prone to it. A west highland terrier must be bathed once a month or better yet on a longer interval. Mild shampoo or detergent-free shampoo specially made for dogs should be used during bath time to keep the skin healthy and dehydrated at the same time prevent the occurrence of allergies and skin problems.

2. While they do not need frequent bathing, frequent brushing is very imoprtant to keep the coat clean. Brushing should be done around three times a week using a short bristled brush. Grooming at home is alright however if you intend to have a show pet, it is a great idea to have your westie groomed by a professional or experience groomer. Once you are aware of what a show westie looks like, you can try grooming yours yourself.West Highland Terrier: How to Care for This Breed by:Richard Cussons

3. The nails should be kept short thus trimming every two weeks is recommended. The hair around the paws should also be trimmed. Owners must also bear in mind that the ears must be kept clean and dry to prevent oil and wax buildup before it leads to ear infections.

4. High quality dog food plays a very big part in every dog's life. As such, the owner is therefore responsible in providing for the pet's dietary needs. Veterinarian advice is greatly needed in this matter.

5. These energetic yet small-sized dogs need to release their oozing energy thus regular exercise is necessary in order for this breed to stay healthy, physically and mentally. Failure to provide regular exericse may lead to destructive behavior problems such as chewing, digging and excessive barking.

Since these dogs are fun loving little creatures, their involvement in every family activity can be physically and mentally beneficial.

About the author

Richard Cussons encourages owners to provide proper care for their west highland terrier pets. Check out to know more about this breed and learn important advice on training a westie.
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West Highland Terrier: How to Care for This Breed by:Richard Cussons Rawalpindi