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Welders Insurance – The Basics

Welders Insurance – The Basics

Welders Insurance The Basics

Welding is a growing sector in its own right and the skilled craftsmanship required means that a professional approach is needed at all times. And this means getting the right kind of welders insurance cover as well.

Welders insurance protects against all the likely mishaps that a practitioner of the skill should happen across during their working lives.

And good welding insurance is essential for the self-employed, freelance, or artisan workers in the sector.

But just what do we mean by welding? What does this word define and just what does it encompass? Welding is a process called fabrication that joins materials by causing what's known as coalescence. And the materials that can be joined in this process are predominantly metals and thermoplastics.

Welding is, in theory, a simple process. It might take many years for someone to perfect the art and why that is why welders insurance UK is a must for all those that are involved in the sector but it is not difficult to understand what is going on, and how it differs from other techniques.

The technique focuses heat on two pieces of material which are effectively melted and in the melted area is added a further material which is initially molten and then cools to form a strong joint. When the material is melted into the join, it's known as the weld pool. This ability when welding to melt the two materials being joined is in contrast to two other popular techniques known as soldering and brazing. Although both add a material which forms a joint, they do not melt the materials being joined.

The heat to melt the material is provided in a number of ways. Energy sources can be derived from an electric arc, gas flame, a laser, electron beam, friction, or ultrasound.

Because heat is involved, welders always have to take health and safety considerations into account. It is inherently a dangerous process and a high degree of care needs to be taken when welding. Damage to eyes, skins burns, the chance of causing a fire, or of ruining expensive materials, or delaying a project by poor workmanship, all need to be considered.

And even though robot welding has become more popular over the last few decades, this is only really applicable for the large mass produced industrial factories for which automated welding offers so many advantages. And despite the improvement in techniques and welding materials, there is still a need for skilled welders. Take the example of deep sea welders who also have to be skilled divers and use their skills to work in some of the most inhospitable conditions.

However the welding process is being used, all those operating outside of being directly employed by a company, must have a thorough welders insurance policy.
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Welders Insurance – The Basics