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Wedding Guide To Incorporating Families With Kids

Wedding Guide To Incorporating Families With Kids

Second marriages are very common today than ever before

, with a staggering 50% of all marriages conducted today involving parties with marriage experience. As with all second weddings, kids are likely to appear in the picture and this raises the question, should they be incorporated into the wedding and bridal party? Most second marriages transcend the union the bridal couple factor and involve the blending of two families. Each couple maybe faced with their own unique challenges based on a number of factors such as the bond and level of their relationship, guardianship and stuff like living arrangement.

Declaring your engagement and imminent marriage to your beloved ones will definitely evoke a joyful response that is to be expected. Be prepared for varied reviews if you have children from a previous marriage when you declare your intentions to marry. Allow time for questions. Allow your children time to air their concerns. Explain the logistics of the process and how the marriage will affect them, if you manage to assuage their fears then the transition and the wedding will be smooth sailing for both of you.

Among the unique and pleasant aspects of a second wedding is that it allows the couple to the flexibility and ability to have it their own chosen way. Be careful when planning your reception and ensure the children are taken into account. For the sake of peace and harmony of the family in future, make the wedding a shared event. This is much easier to do if the event is an informal one where children can joyfully participate. It may not be your tradition to invite children to your wedding, but you'll make the children feel welcome if you extend the invitation to kids of family and friends.

There are plenty of ways you can make your children feel at ease and part of the wedding, hence allow them to enjoy the wedding.Wedding Guide To Incorporating Families With Kids

Assign children responsibilities appropriate to their age at your wedding. You also introduce inclusive tradition. Use your creativity and knowledge of your children to let the children design their own traditions and customs to be included into the ceremony. One way to achieve this is by presenting the child with a piece of jewelry bearing an inscription of the child's name.

This is typical of wedding ring symbolism for the bridal couple and may involve creating and designing personalized medallion for each child. The medallion can be accompanied by a poem or recitation describing the commitment of everlasting love and family bond. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a special prayer could be arranged where the two families join hands in prayer.

Sharing anecdotes or poems with guests, something composed by the child for the parent or vise versa can be considered. Second weddings also provide you with an opportunity to compose your own wedding vows, in which you can incorporate words of significance to you both and the children. Whenever children are concerned, involve them actively. One ritual that can be good at uniting children in a second wedding is the unity candle ritual and also a family prayer blessing.

by: Mathieu Courchesne
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Wedding Guide To Incorporating Families With Kids