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Wealth Building Not Dead Yet

Wealth Building Not Dead Yet

Wealth building in the Conspiracy Age

Yes, there is a conspiracy against you.There are three parts to wealth building. The first is making money, next is hanging onto what you make, after this it's a matter of investing in way's that put the fruits of you're labors to work for you.

I have to say I have made a lot of mistakes in the past concerning wealth building, this is something that needs to be learned. I believe everyone has had to go through the school of hard knocks in order to learn from they're mistakes.

This all seems simple enough on the surface, however there is really a lot more involved. Money I believe is one of the most discussed subjects in the world, along with being the most misunderstood.
Wealth Building Not Dead Yet

Biblically speaking it is said, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. This in itself is a very simple yet very complicated few words. You have to think about it for a few minutes.

To me it boils down to what I would call putting the creation ahead of the creator. God's will obviously really is for everyone to be rich, but it's just not happening is it.

This is why we need to understand, why? What is preventing you from becoming wealthy? What did you miss along the way?

First, there is obviously evil involved, all kinds of it! This makes understanding difficult but not impossible. The point in all of this is a proper understanding of money.

Money has a past history and a present history, it has taken many forms, it has gone from having value to no value other than our confidence in it as a medium of exchange.

In a very real sense money is man's only creation by the very definition of creation. Man takes everything that has been created and changes it into something useful, but with money putting a 1 on a dollar bill or putting a 10 on another bill making it a 10 or a 50 on another is the very act of creation.

A very large part of the history of money deals with what is called fractional reserves. To make a very long story short, there is and has been for a very long time a conspiracy connected directly with the money itself, going back thousands of years.

Don't feel bad about not knowing to much about all this, where evil is involved, satin is involved and he has been called the master of all illusions and for very good reason.

Christ called satin the father of lies. Christ also said the truth shall make you free, that he is the truth. So really, what are we doing when we are finding out about the truth concerning our money?

Answer, we are looking to be set free from money being our master and being mastered by it, to money becoming our servant.

To sum up, what everyone really needs is a financial education. Most people have been deceived about what a financial education really is and means, believing wrongly it is something over they're head, so they just don't go there and have not learned what is one of the most important things to ever learn about in this life.
Wealth Building Not Dead Yet

Life itself and you're future depend on it.

I hope I've helped to clear some of this up. Learn more here.

Wealth Building Not Dead Yet

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