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Ways For Reducing Aggression In Dogs

Ways For Reducing Aggression In Dogs

Aggression in dogs is a problem that many dog owners face

, but do not know how to prevent. There are a few different ways to reduce aggression in any dog.

You just have to learn what the effective ways are so you can begin utilizing them immediately. The sooner you start utilizing them the sooner dog aggression is going to be a thing of the past for you and your pet.

Before you begin utilizing any of the ways to stop aggression in your dog, you have to realize that aggression in any dog is a natural reaction and it does not indicate a bad dog, but it is bad behavior which you need to teach them is not appropriate.

Now, here are the proper ways to handle aggression in your beloved dog.
Ways For Reducing Aggression In Dogs

1. Socialization - This is best to do when your dog is a puppy, but it can also be done with older dogs that show aggression to other dogs or people. You want to get some of your friends that also have dogs that are friendly together and let your dog greet them.

See how your dog reacts to every person and dog that comes into your house. When they start to show aggression, take the dog away from the source of their aggression and make sure you give the command, no.

Be firm with your commands and reward them every time they do not show aggression with other people or dogs. Eventually they will begin to understand that aggression will leave them alone without a playmate and they will soon stop this problem.

2. Counter conditioning - This works with puppies, but it is also good for older dogs that are showing aggression because you will be able to control the environment in which the dog is in so they will have a positive experience.

If your dog is aggressive to people, then you want to have a friend that will volunteer to help you train them to stop the aggression. For a dog that is aggressive towards other dogs you need to get a friend, along with their friendly dog to help you.

You will want to get the dog in a controlled environment such as, a quiet room in your home. It may be smart to use a muzzle for safety, depending on how aggressive your dog becomes when around the source that starts this problem.

Then have them in the same room together, but not close. You want to keep them apart for a little while, then slowly get them closer.

When the aggression begins you need to move them away and give them the firm command of no. As they get closer to the dog or person and don't show signs of aggression then give them praise and a treat to show them that this is how you expect them to act.

This does take some time, but it will be well worth it when you and your dog can be around any other dog or person without signs of aggression from them.

There are many other ways that you can stop aggression in dogs, but these are the two that are the most effective. You can use these ways, along with others you know or learn to help you ensure that the aggression problem stops so you can have the well behaved dog you want.

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