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Wave Goodbye: Helping Kids Deal With The Stress Of Moving

Wave Goodbye: Helping Kids Deal With The Stress Of Moving

Moving is Stressful for Many Young Kids

moving disrupts friendships and kids lose social support. Kids who move to a dissimilar area or a new program often think that everyone in a group or has a best friend. Kids who lose friendships are probable to go through a grief process for those friendships. Having somebody dismisses or laugh at the loss intensifies the sorrow over the loss. If a child is shy or violent or has poor social skills then the move and the need to make friends will be even more hard and traumatic. Many kids lose the support of older people, too. Moving away from trusted teachers, a scout leader, religion teacher, relatives and neighbors means that a kid will not have these adults to turn to for support.

Moving disrupts the division process. Moving is especially upsetting for kids during early childhood because they are in the process of separating from parents and adjusting to adults other than their parents in child care programs and schools. Young kids are also adjusting to peers.

Suggestions for Helping Kids Deal with the Stress of MovingWave Goodbye: Helping Kids Deal With The Stress Of Moving

It is essential for teachers and preschool teacher training programs to protect all kids from the stress of moving and changing schools. Standing between a child and the pressure of moving is particularly significant for kids who move regularly. Kids academic progress is likely to suffer when they have to repeat grades unless an effort has been made to help them with the move. Occasionally, policy change is needed at a system level, i.e., for an entire school system, chain of early childhood education programs. Similarly, child care programs could help kids who change programs by maintaining excellent records and then transferring a childs records to the new center in a timely fashion.

When a Child Moves AWAY FROM Your Classroom

Talk with him about moving away and help him realize something about his new child care program. It would help to a great extent if you would make the attempt to find out where he is going, the name of his program, and his new teacher. Present this information in an optimistic way.

Listen cautiously and encourage him to talk about his feelings about moving away. Avoid being invasive, however, and do not force a child to talk about feelings.

Give the child a picture of the whole class with him included.

Make sure his records are up-to-date and correct and make sure that the records are moved fast to the new program if parental permission is given.

When a Child Moves To Your Classroom

You can greet a child who is moving to your classroom by drawing your classroom circle to embrace this new child. Adding a new member to a family or a classroom involves adjusting the limits to include that person.

Tips for Helping Your Child Cope with the Move

Explain and listen. Explain clearly to your child why the move is necessary. Are you being transferred? Are you starting school in another section of the state? Is the home you have been building finally finished? Is his school closing? Your child will realize the reason for the move if you state it purely and clearly. Get explanation from your child about what you have explained. Listen personally, make clear anything that your child did not seem to appreciate, and listen for feelings like panic or nervousness.

Get involved. After the move, get occupied with your kids in activities of the new society such as synagogue or church, parents group at school, family education and support program etc.


Relocating often pushes young kids to return to a more dependent relationship with parents than they might want, thereby interrupt the normal separation process.

by: John Cruser
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Wave Goodbye: Helping Kids Deal With The Stress Of Moving