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Watch Mother's Day Online for the Scare of a Lifetime

Watch Mother's Day Online for the Scare of a Lifetime

Watch Mother's Day Online for the Scare of a Lifetime

Mother's Day is the new suspense thriller from director Darren Lynn Bousman. It has the same name as a 1980's classic horror movie, but has nothing in common with the former, other than the basic plotline. It would be apt to call this a re-imagination, rather than a remake of the old Mother's Day'. If you loved the 1980's version, then you must download this upcoming version to see the difference.

The story begins as the three Koffin brothers, Addley, Ike and Johnny; get into trouble with the cops, while trying to rob a bank. They manage to flee from the police, but the youngest brother, Johnny, gets wounded by a gunshot. They plan to take refuge in their mother's old house. To their surprise, when they reach there, they find that their mother no longer stays there, as she had lost the house in a mortgage foreclosure. The house now had new inhabitants, Daniel and Beth Sohapi, who were having a small party, with a bunch of friends.

All hell breaks loose when the Koffin brothers call their mother and sister to join them and help them escape. A series of malevolent tortures on the inmates of the house ensue. The mother comes out as a cruel and crafty lady, who can get really oppressive, if the hostages don't "behave". Rebecca De Mornay's portrayal of the super scary villainous mom, is definitely one to watch out for. Download Mother's Day and make sure you watch it with some friends, for it is sure to send jitters down your spine.

Apart from the lead character of the mother, the movie also has commendable performances by the entire ensemble cast. Every character has been so aptly scripted that it breathes life into the movie. Some of them include Patrick Flueger (as Ike Koffin), Jaime King (as Beth) and Deborah Wall (as the sister, Lydia Koffin). Catch the featured Mother's Day download and enjoy these incredible performances, within the comfort of your home.

If we consider the previous work of director Bousman, we find that he's directed some really nasty and gross horror movies like Saw 2', Saw 3' and Saw 4'. But once we watch his latest venture, we find a great variation in the handling, although his style of storytelling remains similarly gripping. Mother's Day is more of a suspense thriller about house-crashing and agonizing hostages, than an out-an-out horror film. However, the movie does have some hair-raising torture scenes, which will make you jump off of your couches, if you're watching them online.

As the story progresses towards its climax, there is more life-and-death action and the tension intensifies about who will survive. Watch Mother's Day online to find out if anybody actually survives the slaughtering spree of the mother!
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