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Watch Extraordinary Measures Online

Watch Extraordinary Measures Online

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The openings of the upcoming Extraordinary Measures and 2009s Inkheart fall, whether by coincidence or not, exactly one year apart. Fans of Brendan Fraser may not have realized this. However, if you saw Inkheart, youre probably already searching to watch Extraordinary Measures online to see what the connection is. Brendan Fraser stars in both movies. His character in Extraordinary Measures is as heroic as many of his past roles, but much more real than ever before. Exactly one year later, hell be seen for the second time as the hero dad. Watch Extraordinary Measures online, though, and youll see that this hero has much more at stake.

Share: Whats at stake in Extraordinary Measures, which is based on a true story, is the lives of John and Aileen Crowleys children, who suffer from Pompes disease. As John Crowley, Frasers character is not how most people picture a movie hero. When you watch Extraordinary Measures online, you see a typical father and husband, devoted to his family. Also, as you watch Extraordinary Measures online, see how the actor simultaneously conveys the mans sense of urgency for his family. Crowley only begins his plight when doctors can offer no more hope for his children. His search requires tracking down another doctor familiar with the disease and leaving the security of his job in order to devote all his time to raising the money to fund further research. To watch Extraordinary Measures online is to see a man who will stop at nothing to save his children. Aside from sharing Fraser in the starring role, the similarities in Extraordinary Measures and Inkheart are more than cosmetic. Both are stories of a father who will go to the ends of the earth for the sake of his children. In both cases, the father persists against insurmountable odds. The hero you see when you watch Extraordinary Measures online may not be the one you are used to seeing in movies. John Crowley, in the film and real life, may not fight ninjas or stalk vampires. But with a motto like that from Extraordinary Measures, Dont wait for a miracle... make one..., you have to know that if he had to, he could.About the Author:

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