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Wall Unit Air Conditioning - Tips To Help With Your System's Upkeep

Wall Unit Air Conditioning - Tips To Help With Your System's Upkeep

The wall unit air conditioner was invented in the mid to late 1950s and was popular for the approximately forty years that followed

. The wall unit was popular as well in the design of hotels, co-ops, homes, motels, nursing homes, assisted living centers, condominiums, and apartment buildings. Once the window unit air conditioner and other cooling systems were developed and became popular, the wall unit lost some popularity, likely due to its permanency and large size. These units certainly filled a need for a long period of time.

As a result in the decline of popularity of the wall unit air conditioner, replacement parts and units have been difficult to find. As a result, many homeowners and business owners have opted to replace their burdensome wall unit air conditioning systems with more modern forms of cooling. They have often found that some of the newer systems were much more comfortable and energy efficient. Replacing these units has been particularly hard for people, since the units themselves are more costly to ship from distant service centers and with parts hard to find as well, they found that it just made more sense to replace them.

There were two basic styles of wall unit air conditioners that have been used over the years in which they were popular. The two styles were the unitary and PTAC, or packaged terminal air conditioner systems. A unitary wall unit machine is one that was very similar to the modern window air conditioning unit, except that it goes into a space in the wall. This type of system draws the warm air out of the home and sends it outside. The packaged terminal air conditioning system is separate controls that are connected to a main unit by small tubing of refrigerant which does allow for individual room control but all on one big unit.

If you currently own a wall unit air conditioner, you might find that eventually it needs repaired or replaced. Everything ages in the world of appliances, even the wall unit air conditioner, must be repaired or replaced at some point in time. Because of the lack of service centers offering replacement units and parts, you might need to go to extensive means to find these things. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

Ready to find out more about maintaining your wall unit? You want to make sure to get the best performance out of your air conditioning system! Don't wait, get started today!

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