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Using Sms Contests And Polls Effective Mobile Marketing Tips

Using Sms Contests And Polls Effective Mobile Marketing Tips

More and more people are using mobiles and Smartphones for almost every activity

these days starting from doing business, to staying in touch with family and friends. Many even use mobiles for entertainment, mobile banking services, keeping their social networking accounts active etc. Thus, its no wonder that businesses are opting for newer and innovative methods for their mobile marketing campaigns to tap into this huge network of mobile phone users.

Using SMS polling, contests, and voting are some popular methods that can build publicity for your campaigns and trigger interest among the targeted clientele base. Here are some ways by which your business can benefit from such methods:

1)SMS contests and auctions: To create a loyal clientele base and encourage interaction, you can design trivia quizzes, contests, or games around a service, product, or an event. Apart from drumming up publicity for your events or offerings, such modes will help you to get your target clientele interested in your products/services, and encourage them to conduct one-to-one interaction with your business. SMS auctions are also great ways to grab eyeballs and attention. For example, you can ask your potential and existing customers to bid on a particular product of yours via mobile text messages, and the person with the lowest, distinctive bid would win the item!

2)Polls: If you need public opinion on a particular matter, or seek feedback from all your customers and employees regarding your company/offerings, launching opinion polls via short messaging services can be the ideal solution. Depending on whether your target clientele is local or global, you can use short or long codes for such services, and get an insight into what your recipients think about your question. Such polls can serve as a quick and pocket friendly way to create a buzz around your brand and/or offerings.

3)Voting: If you wish to evaluate the popularity of a program or want to empower your viewers/ audience/ participants to vote for a celebrity/contestant/ specific topic using short message service, designing an SMS voting campaign would be your ideal bet. By allowing public choice to be the deciding factor in selecting the winner, such voting procedures can be an effective way of encouraging people to participate and engage with your business or brand.

Giving out vouchers and coupons via mobiles are other popular modes of mobile marketing campaigns. You can send your loyal customers vouchers and coupons on their mobiles, which they can use to get discounts or gifts the next time they make a purchase from your store. You may even use them in conjunction with your traditional marketing campaigns for an increased effect. For example, if you run an outdoor and radio advertising campaigns, or in-store promotions, you can ask viewers to respond to them via mobiles, and every such respondent will get coupons for special offers or gifts, which can be redeemed on their next purchase from your store.

Thus, SMS contests, polls, votes etc can serve as powerful tools to help you reach out to your targeted clientele, and interact with them to convert them into loyal customers. Use them today to experience what a big difference they can make to your business!

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Using Sms Contests And Polls Effective Mobile Marketing Tips