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Using Call Capture To Generate Mortgage Leads

Using Call Capture To Generate Mortgage Leads

Mortgage professionals are constantly looking for any advantage they can get over the competition

. Those with large advertising budgets may leverage those budgets to use television and radio advertising, which can give them a head start on brand recognition. However, there are much more efficient and inexpensive ways to generate mortgage leads, including the use of call capture technology. The unique benefits of this technology are that it is easy to set up and it provides quality leads for mortgage professionals on a daily basis. It also allows mortgage professionals to work together with real estate agents, as both of these parties need one another in order to succeed. In the end, a call capture system can efficiently assist any mortgage professional as it is an effective and inexpensive advertising tool that functions to generate a vast amount of quality leads.

The first way that this system can help a mortgage professional is through the large amount of leads that it can produce. Basically, when an individual sees a house that he or she wants the first thing that goes through that person's head is whether or not they can afford the home. Making pricing information and lending options available at the precise moment the potential buyer's interest is piqued is the key to generating hot leads. Working with real estate agents to place a call capture number on sign riders and ads for their properties makes this possible. Since mortgage brokers need real estate agents to sell homes and real estate agents need mortgage professionals to provide the money for these homes, it makes sense that these two parties would align their goals in order to optimize their success. Fortunately, this can be accomplished through call capture technology.

When an interested buyer calls the mortgage professional's call capture number, that individual can be given information about obtaining a mortgage, receive fax documents relating to mortgage or real estate, or be connected directly to the mortgage broker. At the same time, the call capture technology is recording that person's contact information, which gives the mortgage professional a quality lead to follow up on. All of this information will be recorded in a professional manner, and the lender can track, monitor, and organize these leads. Call capture also eliminates the need for cold calling, since everyone whose information is captured is clearly interested in obtaining a mortgage, but has simply not yet taken the final step and visited a mortgage professional. By using this technology, mortgage professionals expedite the process by bringing these customers a service that they can truly use.

Industry statistics have shown that a toll free number that is equipped with call capture will get more calls than a local office number or cell phone. People see companies with a toll free number as being more established and professional. Therefore, mortgage professionals are almost guaranteed to obtain more quality leads with call capture technology because they will be generating more calls for their services. This is also a good way to track how well advertising is working, since professionals will be able to see how many calls you are getting through your advertising due to the call capture tracking technology. Taking advantage of such sophisticated technology is not only a sound investment for a mortgage professional, but it can also make the entire marketing process much easier.Using Call Capture To Generate Mortgage Leads

Both mortgage professionals and real estate agents serve to benefit from call capture technology because of the number of quality leads that it can generate. It might sound overly simple to create a toll free number and then have people call it to provide quality information for the callers while generating leads for the mortgage broker, but that is exactly what a call capture system is meant to do. By capturing potential clients' contact information, mortgage professionals and real estate agents will be ahead of the competition. In the end, the time saved by not having to chase down prospective clients and cold calling will result in time well spent when it comes to closing deals and acquiring more solidified leads.

by: Brandi Cummings
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Using Call Capture To Generate Mortgage Leads