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Using an Autoresponder and an Opt-In Form for Lead Capture by:Deb LaQua

Using an Autoresponder and an Opt-In Form for Lead Capture by:Deb LaQua

Autoresponders with an accompanying Opt-in form is a critical combination to running a successful online business

. These two tools, tied into a landing page, blog, or website provide the key ingredients to build a List and start communicating with your Market.


Let's start with clearly defining what we're talking about here. If you are in the habit of communicating with your prospects via simple email, such as by setting up a Group on Outlook, Eudora, or some other hard drive platform, then you are limiting yourself simply by the technology. You can only communicate to a limited number of people in this fashion.

On the other hand, if you utilize an automated email communication service, an Autoresponder, then you set yourself up mentally and practically for unlimited capacity. These online services allow you to send and track unlimited emails, with high deliverability. This is the mindset for building a huge List.

As for autoresponders, you don't want just any autoresponder. We recommend starting with the tools you can use to build a very successful online business, which is an integrated system of autoresponders, shopping cart (to accept orders) and affiliate management (to leverage your time by letting others promote your products). This is NOT an area where you want to try to 'make do!'

Our favorite (and we've tried many) is KickStartCart (the same as 1ShoppingCart). Even if you already have a different autoresponder or shopping cart, you'll want to check out KickStartCart, for its many time (and money) saving features. You can find out more in the link we provide in the Resource section.


Additionally, if you have a website and aren't collecting the contact information of people who visit, you are throwing away your time, effort, and money. Even if you don't force people to opt-in to your list (OK, not force. Ethically bribe!), having an opt-in box or form on your landing page, website or blog is a critical and necessary step in building your online business.

Autoresponder services provide you the code that you can simply insert into these communication tools to create the Opt-in Form which enables you to capture the name, email address, and perhaps other important information from your prospects.

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Using an Autoresponder and an Opt-In Form for Lead Capture by:Deb LaQua Moscow