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Treatment Procedures For Bulging Disc Symptoms

Treatment Procedures For Bulging Disc Symptoms

A bulging disc condition is often the result of the gradual aging or wear and tear of the disc

, also known as degeneration. This usually happens when the spinal discs age and lose water contents. Because of this, the disc loses its flexibility and becomes more prone to rupture due to minor twist or strain. Bulging disc symptoms may occur when you try to lift heavy objects and you make use of your back muscles instead of your thigh muscles. This often results to symptoms of bulging disc in lower back. Traumatic events like a fall or a blow may also result to bulging disc conditions.

Bulging Disc Symptoms

As mentioned, bulging disc is often characterized by various symptoms including the following:

* Feeling of weakness and fatigueTreatment Procedures For Bulging Disc Symptoms

* Numbness or tingling sensation

* In case of a bulging disc condition in the lower back, lower back pain is experience and the pain can be felt on the legs and buttocks.

* If the bulging disc condition affects the upper back region, neck pain can be experienced and the pain radiates to the upper arms and shoulders.

* Muscle spasm and muscle cramps can also be experienced when suffering from bulging disc conditions.

Bulging Disc Treatment

There are various treatment options available for a bulging disc condition but these treatments depend on the severity of the problem. A thorough diagnosis should be conducted to determine the status of the condition. This is often done by a neurosurgeon, it involves physical examination, background check of your medical history and diagnostic testing like MRI, X-Ray, and CT scans. These are conducted to understand the exact cause of the bulging disc. After a thorough diagnosis, a suitable treatment option will then be applied.

General Treatment

Some individuals do not require a treatment for bulging disc conditions. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms, treatment is necessary so that the condition do not interfere with your daily activities. You might be prescribed with painkillers and instructions on how to perform exercises for a bulging disc condition. In case these treatment options cannot alleviate the symptoms of the condition, a bulging disc surgerymight be suggested. A surgery may also be necessary in case the condition is accompanied with severe leg and back pain, loss of bowel movements, weakness or numbness of the legs and difficulty walking or standing.Treatment Procedures For Bulging Disc Symptoms

Surgical Treatment Method

Three kinds of surgical methods are available for bulging disc conditions. One type of procedure is the replacement of the bulging disc using a manufactured one. You may also be submitted for the surgical removal of the inter-vertebral disc. Once the surgery is completed, your physician will prescribe painkillers that you have to consume for several days until you are ready to go back to your normal activities. You may experience discomfort but if you practice bulging pain exercises, these can reduce the discomfort and speeds up the healing process.

These are the important things to know when dealing with bulging disc conditions. In case you are experiencing upper or lower back pain, make sure that you consult your physician immediately to determine the cause of the pain. You should also know that bulging disc conditions can be treated using pain medications, exercises and enough rest. However, before opting for any of these, a consultation with your physician should be done to determine the severity of the condition.

by: Joseph Butcher
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