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Transport For Families With Kids At Preschool Punggol

Transport For Families With Kids At Preschool Punggol

Punggol (Ponggol) estate is in the north-east region of Singapore

. Once a large kampong and a fishing village, today it has been earmarked to become the "Waterfront Town", the 21st century housing estate for yuppies in Singapore. Bounded by three rivers, the Sungei Punggol, the Sungei Serangoon and the New River, the new Punggol Town would sit between nearby Coney Island and the mainland. The entire area, north-east of Singapore, is bounded by Sungei Serangoon to the east, Tampines Expressway to the south, Sungei Punggol to the west, Selat Johor and Serangoon Harbour to the north, and covers an area of approximately 957 ha. The North-East MRT line, with a LRT link, connects Punggol with the rest of Singapore. Families with children attending preschool Punggol are very fortunate because the Singapore public transportation system is often rated as efficient, comfortable, safe, reliable and affordable. Singapore transport network is well connected with trains, buses and taxis. The transit system in Singapore is split into the 'Mass Rapid Transit' (MRT) system and a series of 'Light Rapid Transit' (LRT) systems that branch from it. Outside of Singapore City, the MRT runs on suspended tracks around the rest of Singapore, giving the traveler a bird's eye view as you travel around the island.

One thing about Singapores efficient transport system (buses, trains and taxis) is that it demands you to learn how the system functions before you can reap its efficiencies. All a parent with a child attending childcare Punggol needs to know is that there is a card, which you can use to help you get around the village and the island of Singapore on buses and trains the EZ-Link fare card. The EZ-Link card (it stores prepaid value) is essentially a smart card, meaning, it can do quite a few things other than simply using it to travel on buses and trains. It can be used to pay charges at retail outlets, restaurants, government departments and a range of regular services.
Transport For Families With Kids At Preschool Punggol

Through the convenience of the wide public transportation system available in Singapore, families with children attending kindergarten Punggol will be able to arrive punctually at their destination. This will make every morning of your child at his or her nursery Punggol because he or she is not late. Just make sure that you and your child are prepared for the travel. Make sure that your child knows all the safety rules of travelling or commuting to school such as no talking to strangers, etc. And dont leave your child away from your sight. A nametag - which includes your childs name, contact and address - will be helpful in case your child gets lost. Also bring some distractions for the travel in order to prevent your child from getting restless. You can bring small toys or you can come up with simple travel games such as I Spy. Also bring some snacks in case your child gets hungry. Just remember that most public transportation does not allow food or eating inside so be mindful of the rules.

If your child is not yet enrolled in any of the childcare center in Punggol such as Mindchamps Punggol and Montessori Punggol, you can visit

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