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Traffic Siphon Review-Make Money Online Easier

Traffic Siphon Review-Make Money Online Easier

Traffic Siphon Review-Make Money Online Easier

The humble meta tag continues to have its uses in SEO. Knowing how to optimize meta tags for the target keywords, it can help drive more traffic for your web site. Be prepared to spend some time rewriting your code though, as you will want to edit each page separately.


1.Analyze your internet statistics of your website.

Use a good web hit counter or traffic analyzer. Study the information to understand how people find your website, what keywords they use, what pages are most widely used and so forth. Consider if these are your target keywords or if the results are unexpected.

2.Check keyword tools, page rank tools and search engines for lucrative keywords.

Use keyword tools to obtain an idea what key phrases and phrases make money online. Seek advice from search engines like google to determine just how much competition there's for those keywords. See if your competition have high page ranking or otherwise. Whenever you find content that are not too competitive, you are to make use of those who work in your meta tag optimization.

3.Create a new SEO and keyword plan based on your findings.

Create a new SEO plan after this initial inspection. Create a list of a new group of target keywords. This should be a mix of your original target keywords and also the actual keywowrds that people use to find your website. No doubt you've found that most of your hits originate from specific key phrase searches for example "how to optimize meta data for seo" instead of just "meta tags" or "seo." So to get more traffic for your site, you need to concentrate on specific terms.

4.Begin meta tag optimization on every individual page.

Don't let yourself be lazy with meta tag SEO. Use different keywords for every web site. Think about each page or article on your site as a unique entity. You would like it to rank up to feasible for its target keywords, by itself.

5.Change the meta tag "Keywords" to better target your keywords and phrases.

Use key phrases rather than keywords. Avoid broad terms like "tags" and "seo" which are far too general to make the page disccoverable. Instead, concentrate on specific keywords and phrases. You want individuals to Realize that you have the specific bit of information they are searching for.

6.Make each meta tag "Description" unique.

Write a distinctive description of every page. Again, just like the keywords meta tag, be specific and detailed. Remember, each page has to be optimized individually. Don't write a generic meta tag "Description" for all your pages.

7.Still monitor your internet site statistics.

In case your meta tag optimization has been done well, it should get more traffic for your site. But be realistic about your goals and expectations. Getting more traffic needs time to work, especially if you're targeting highly competitive keywords. Keep updating and tweaking as needed.

Now, let's talk about Traffic Siphon created by Mark Barnard & George Brown and how it may help you. I really hope this short Traffic Siphon Review will assist you to differentiate whether Traffic Siphon is Scam or perhaps a Real Deal.

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Traffic Siphon Review-Make Money Online Easier