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Traditional Retirement-why It Is Not Good For You

Traditional Retirement-why It Is Not Good For You

Traditional retirement means retiring at age 65 and do one or more of the following:

stay at home and wait for your pension every month; do some hobbies for the elderly, such as knitting and gardening or golfing and traveling the world for those who had saved more than enough money for their retirement.

Retiring the traditional way usually involves non-productive activities. Our brain, just like our muscles, becomes weak when we do not exercise it. A dormant brain will deeply affect most of our mental functions. Those who retired traditionally also have more problems compared to those who involve themselves in productive activities.

The traditional meaning of retirement is withdrawal from the workforce into leisure, relaxation, and a slide into the end of life. The last one is quite disturbing; my point is, the world has changed and if you succumb yourself into traditional retirement, you are letting yourself to be left behind; and honestly, it would not really be leisure and relaxation if health issues and financial issues brought about by health issues worries you with the rest of your retirement. It is definitely alright if you do golf and travel the world and do the things that old people do but it will become undesirable if you make those activities as your way of living during your retirement.

Traditional retirement is just not the way to retire these days. In our modern world, there are a lot of options for activities you want and would love to do. Gone are the days when you cant earn after you retire.

Retirement is supposed to be enjoyed and not something to be afraid of. You can still make a living after you have retired. Click here if you want a stress less and prosperous retirement.

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