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Top Dog Breeds For Families With Small Children

Top Dog Breeds For Families With Small Children

There are many dog breeds out there that are great for family life and when you find

the right breed for your family, youll enjoy many years of joy and laughter with your wonderful pet. Its important to understand which breed is right for your situation so this article will review a few breeds commonly selected as pets for families with children or other pets within the family household.

One of the more popular dog breeds that many families bring into their lives is the Labrador Retriever. They are most often chosen to be the family dog because of their friendly nature and their ability to adapt well to small children. Because they are so very mild mannered for the most part, they are able to get along with children really well and are able to take a little grief from them most of the time. Labs love to be around people and they love to feed off of the attention that is shown to them, so that is why they are such fun loving dogs to have in the house.

Another dog breed that typically makes a good family pet is the golden retriever. Much like the Labrador Retriever, the golden retriever is a very social dog that loves getting attention from others and is also willing to give that attention back in a very playful manor. Golden retrievers are very mild mannered dogs and are often very friendly around children and adults. They too love to get attention and are very sensitive dogs to have around your family. They are not overly aggressive and will almost never become aggravated with too much human contact.

One other dog breed that is very popular for families with children is the Beagle. They too are very friendly and mild mannered dogs that love to get attention and are great with people. They do tend to bark a little more than the other breeds, but their barking can be a benefit in that they help protect the household by doing so. The Beagle breed feeds off of human attention and typically does not like to be left alone. They are very playful and are always looking get right in the action.Top Dog Breeds For Families With Small Children

When selecting any type of breed for your family, always remember that no one dog is perfect and that there is the chance that you may come across a breed that may not be so willing to be friendly with your family members or other animals. Your best bet is to first observe how the dog acts around others before bringing them into your home. When you do find the perfect do for your family, youll be happy with the situation and so will your new dog.

by: Matt LeClair
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Top Dog Breeds For Families With Small Children