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To Reduce Or Not? The Good And Bad Of Breast Reduction Surgery

Larger breasts aren't always better, just ask any woman born with a naturally

abundant bosom and she'll probably have a long list of complaints. Large breasts can cause physical problems such as chronic back pain and poor posture. They can also make it difficult to buy proper fitting clothing and bras, especially if the woman happens to be smaller in size everywhere else.

Premature sagging is inevitable as the excessive weight of the breasts stretches the tissues. Of course there are also social pressures associated with a well-endowed chest. Some women find they are taken less seriously as professionals, or simply tired of unwanted attention-both positive and negative.

It is a popular option for many women in this situation. The surgery helps remove excess breast tissue and when necessary can reshape and reposition the breasts to appear more aesthetically pleasing and youthful.

The benefits of this surgery are numerous for women who struggle with the size of their breasts. Most importantly for women this will alleviate the physical discomfort associated with larger breasts. Your posture will improve immensely, and as a result, your self-esteem is usually boosted as well.

Appearance is also an important factor when choosing to undergo breast reduction. Most women are not only unhappy with the size of their breasts, but often suffer from noticeable imbalances, larger and low areolas, and sagging.

Surgeons can help evenly shape the breasts so they look more balanced and equal in size. They will also help reduce the areola and reposition the nipple to a higher level if necessary. This gives the breast a perkier, more lifted appearance. For mild sagging, this can often provide some improvement. Severe sagging may require a full breast lift combined with the reduction.

Clothes will also be easier to find and look better following this procedure. Often bras made for larger breasts are also made for larger women, leaving the more petite or thin girls with baggy, loose garments that are not flattering.

Many popular clothing stores also don't even carry outfits that can support larger breasts. A breast reduction allows women to buy off the rack comfortably without worrying about alterations, tearing seams, or turning a modest outfit into a cleavage peak.

However, these are not suitable for every large breasted woman. Scarring is a big issue and this procedure involves rather large incisions. Surgeons do their best to blend in the scar with the natural skin folds, but healing is highly dependent on the individual.

Some women may develop keloid scars, which are puffy, discolored raised skin, while others may have minimal, barely noticeable lines. There is the risk of infection, bleeding, and loss of feeling either temporarily or permanently in parts. In some cases, milk ducts will be fully or partially removed, making feeding impossible. If you want to find out whether or not it is right for you, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for more information about this procedure.

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To Reduce Or Not? The Good And Bad Of Breast Reduction Surgery