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To "membrane" Or Not To "membrane"


Many experts may say weed control is the key benefit of semi-permeable geo-textile membrane

, and one would have to agree that on the surface, weed control seems to be the most appealing aspect of this modern invention.

As a Gardener/Landscaper favouring the use of this low maintenance phenomena, is has become apparent that other benefits exist with this product too, such as;

-Soil warming insulation capabilities.

-Extra drainage by surface run-off.

-Cleanliness under foot.

-Preservation of the soil structure.

-Versatility e.g. Under new turf and paving to prevent weed growth.

The result of the benefits listed above include;

-Increased Growth

-Larger leaves on foliage plant species

-Increased plant and soil health

-Preservation of soil organisms

-Economically efficient (l and b projects)

Listed below are some examples of Geo-Textile membranes similar to those represented in this article, and are by no means linked directly to the sale of these products. 'Mypex' also comes highly recomended as the originator of this product.

Permatex Premium Ground Cover (GC) 100gm

Additional to being used on the garden border it is also the ideal surface for growing plants - unique ripple weave technology gives excellent water dispersion which eliminates puddling. 25cm squares assist with accurate pot placement, and makes stock taking easy. UV stabilisation for five years.

Colour - Black

Weed Control Fabric - Mulchtex

Mulchtex is also ideal for landscaping, maintaining tubs, beds and hanging baskets by acting as a filter between the aggregate and drainage.

Colour - Black

BioTelo is a revolutionary 100% biodegradable mulching film, made from a maize starch. It is the environmentally friendly alternative for weed control and reduces labour and landfill costs, as it does not need to be removed or disposed of. BioTelo maintains its mulching ability for a minimum of one and a half months and a maximum of four and a half months (for autumn cycles).

Life Expectancy

15microns 4-7months

12microns 2-3months

Colour - Black

Award winning 'BioTelo'

Why use BioTelo?

-It is totally biodegradable, does not pollute the earth and does not accumulate

-It has the same characteristics, resistance, elasticity and mulching efficiency as PE films

-It does not need to be removed and disposed of at the end of the cultivation cycle, thus reducing the relative costs (e.g. landfill taxes and labour)

-It can be laid using the usual machines and automatic transplanters

-It eliminates the negative environmental impact linked to the accumulation of plastic materials in the soil, which can damage the soil's natural productivity.

I encourage anybody to experiment with these products and see the cultural and ecological benefits for yourselves.

Using the correct membrane can save you time and money in maintenance and day to day care.

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