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Titleist AP2 Irons Review

Author: fei

If Australian Adam Scott switched to the Titleist AP2 irons and bagged the 2008 Qatar Masters with a stunning performance, could this be that Titleist had his game made? Titleists Technically Forged Blade In the heels of Titleist 735 CM, the longer Titleist AP2 forged iron is another looker BUT it does give better spin control than its predecessor does. It is remarkably solid yet gives a fluid feel that hitting the iron becomes an addiction. If you loved your Titleist 735, the switch to the AP2 will be smooth. Like all Titleist irons, the Titleist AP2 irons have a futuristic design but the comparison stops there. With its AP2, Titleist moved on to combine multi-materials steel body, elastomer bar, tungsten nickel sole, and aluminum cavity plate. The mix of materials make traditionalists suspicious but it has the traditional feel purists approve. Technically, the AP2 is a mega hitter fit for the pro with handicap 5-9; but weekend golfers can test it, to see how they would fare with a powerful iron. 1020 mild carbon steel was forged to create the AP2 iron body. The AP2 looks a lot like the 735 irons but the top line is a bit thicker and the toe somewhat higher. The dual cavity design distributes weight to the edges or perimeter for forgiveness. This makes the iron more forgiving than previous Titleist creations. The elastomer cushion boosts structural rigidity back of the impact area and cushions the dampening face vibration. This explains the irons highly rated overall feel. A high density tungsten-nickel box encloses the lower cavity of the Titleist AP2 iron. The material keeps the weight low and significantly deep and reinforces structural rigidity while keeping vibration frequency low. Using a tungsten-nickel box was a smart choice because it reduced sole and back flange width assuring sharper performance on the greens and better shot control. The Cons Designed for the better player and the better player is anyone proud of a single digit handicap. The Titleist AP2 is a bit expensive. Each club with a steel shaft costs $142 and for a graphite shaft, that would be $167 per club. Without the Project X shaft, it is hard to hit a super-low shot with this club. The lies dont check out as good as expected and the Project X is stiffer, ball flights are inconsistent although high. If you have been a consistent with your old blades, inconsistencies of your ball flights can be obvious with the AP 2. Others complain that they swing slower because the club is heavier. The Set The Titleist AP2 comes with a Project X stock shaft and Tour Velvet Rubber. Clubs are available from 3i to 9i, P, and W. Overall, the Titleist AP2 iron is a technological advancement. If you have the muscles for a big smooth swing, then this is your mega iron. If you play in a golf course thats beset with too much wind, again, get the Titleist AP2. If you have the feel for AP1, then switch to AP2 FIND WHAT YOU WANT AT golf online, golf discount,golfAbout the Author:
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Titleist AP2 Irons Review