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Tips To Get White Teeth Naturally

Whether you choose to do it at home or at a dental office

, these days, tooth bleaching is becoming an increasingly popular option for people looking to improve their smiles. Most people would be quick to agree that dull, stained teeth can truly detract from an otherwise striking appearance, making bright, white teeth a must-have for many. Although tooth bleaching is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available today, it can still put a strain on people with limited budgets. Fortunately, you can do plenty of things on your own to naturally whiten your teeth. The following tips can be useful in getting teeth that are wonderfully bright and white:

Go natural

For teeth that are white and full of life, its best to focus your diet on natural foods that dont contain any dyes. Food dyes are some of the worst staining elements on the grocery front, so stick with items such as organic cereals and snacks that are free of unnatural coloring.

Embrace that fruit and vegetable fiber

Plenty of high fiber fruits and vegetables can contribute to healthier, whiter teeth. The natural fiber of staples such as broccoli, carrots, apples, and berries can combine with saliva in the mouth to clear any harmful, stain-causing bacteria.

Dont smoke

Theres no question that smoking comes with its own set of harmful side effects. However, many smokers arent aware of the negative effect that smoking can have on their teeth. On top of being linked directly to periodontal disease and extreme tooth decay, cigarette smoke can easily serve as a staining agent for teeth, all the more reason to give up smoking and focus your energies on something else.

Beware of coffee and tea

Theres nothing like a strong cup of coffee or tea to really get you going in the morning. However, coffee and tea can also stain your teeth over time. If youve got to have your fix, then limit your intake to one cup of coffee or tea per day, and brush your teeth after drinking it.

Choose water over soda

Not only is water healthier for your body, it is also much healthier for your teeth. Most sodas are loaded with sugar, which can contribute to staining as well as decay. Water, on the other hand, can actually serve as a cleansing agent, making it a smarter option as your beverage of choice.

Drink up

If youre going to indulge in soda or a similarly sugary beverage, then try to drink it all in a single sitting. In many cases, tooth decay develops as the result of having sugary foods or beverages in your mouth for an extended period of time. After you eat or drink something with sugar, the bacteria in plaque releases acids that can attack the surface of your teeth. The more frequently such attacks occur, the more damage is likely to occur to the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities, decay, and a dull or yellowed appearance. For this reason, its better to just finish your soda and let your mouth recover than to keep on introducing unhealthy sugar-induced bacteria onto your tooth enamel.

Have good dental habits

It should go without saying that its important to brush and floss your teeth regularly. But when it comes to proper tooth maintenance, some people, due to laziness or time constraints, have a tendency to eventually slip up. If white teeth is something thats important to you, then you should make every effort to commit to a solid schedule of tooth-related upkeep. This involves not only brushing and flossing, but doing so in the proper fashion, as directed by your dentist. The more committed you are to oral hygiene, the whiter your teeth are likely to be.

Of course, when it comes to tooth coloring, sometimes poor genetics can work against you over time. Unfortunately, in these situations, you might need to go the route of tooth bleaching despite your best efforts to stick to the natural methods. However, if you take good genes and combine them with good habits, then you can enjoy a lifetime of naturally white teeth and a perpetually winning smile.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

by: Jack Elder
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