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Tips on What to Do After a Car Accident by:Mark Dacanay

Tips on What to Do After a Car Accident by:Mark Dacanay

Potential car accidents loom over every road and freeway in the United States

. With cars running at an average of 60-70 mph, being involved in a car accident is a possibility regardless of h all the preparations and precautions you take. Car accident aftermaths vary from minor car scrapes to debris from vehicles that rolled over.

Every year, more than 6 million car accidents occur in the whole United States which account for more than 40,000 deaths and millions of injuries.

The aftermath of a car accident can usually be chaotic. Confusion and panic surrounds all area especially when there are people injured or worse, if fatalities that resulted from the accident.

Even after car accidents, it can still be dangerous as sharp parts from crashed cars, shards from broken glass, people getting trapped in a car's debris and even explosions from ruptured gas tanks may happen.

When dealing with a car accident aftermath, here are some guidelines you can follow:

Stop the car - Switch the engine off if involved in a car accident. Turn on hazard lights as well to warn oncoming traffic of the accident so if there is a free lane, they can take it. No need to make a car accident worse by causing more traffic.

Check for injuries - Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Check as well if other vehicles or some pedestrians may have injured parties. If there are severely injured people, do not attempt to move the victim or it might aggravate the injuries.

Check your vehicle - Check your car for any damages. Check for dangers and hazards as well. A steel poking from a broken car part, shards of broken glass or even a ruptured gas tank are dangers to you and your passengers.

Call 911 -If the accident is severe and if there are injured parties, call 911. Tell them the details of the accident including the location and the injuries sustained by you and the passengers. If you are aware of the situation outside your car, inform the operator as well. The operator can send in paramedics and rescuers to attend the injured.

Take notes - Review the surroundings and take notes. Include the location, weather and road conditions. Note the plate number, car model and car color of the vehicles involved. If you have a camera, take pictures as well.

Exchange information - Get the contact details of the people involved regardless if you are at fault or not. Include the witnesses so that you can find them if you need someone to corroborate your story.

File a car accident report - Even if the accident is minor, you should still file a report just to be on the safe side. It will be very helpful when seeking an insurance claim afterwards.

These are just some basic tips you can do during a car accident aftermath to avoid panic and confusion.

If you sustained some injuries as a result of another person's fault then you can consult a personal injury lawyer to help you file a case.

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