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Tips On How To Clean Different Materials Kids Toys

Tips On How To Clean Different Materials Kids Toys

Outdoor toys

Some parents put the outdoor toys such as swing, children's slide and other in the yard. It is so easy to clean these kinds of outdoor toys, you can use a clean cloth or towel to clean, at the same time, it is necessary to use soap. However, because of the heavy workload, it is better to do the work by parents, along with children. When cleaning toys, children can send towel or other items to parents to help them, which can increase their participatory.

Electronic toys

Most parents have the common view that it is so difficult to clean electronic toys. Before cleaning the electronic toys, you should firstly remove the batteries inside and then wipe them with a dry cloth. If you want to disinfect electronic toys completely, you should use sterile gauze sponge and medicinal alcohol with 75 percent concentration to wipe the toys surface, both of which can be purchased from the pharmacy.

Wooden toys

As is known to all, wooden kids toys easily become black and mildew in the damp environment, therefore the cleaning step of wooden toys are almost the same as the step of cleaning plastic toys. However, what parents have to pay attention is that you should use the dry cloth to wipe up the water on the wooden toys surface after the cleaning. At the same time, you should place them separately under the sunshine to let them dry. However, not to put them under the sunshine for a long time because wood is more likely to be cracked under high-heat environment.

Plastic toys

In the shopping mall, it is easy to find plastic toys, therefore parent always buy too many plastic toys for their children. However, do you know how to clean these plastic toys because there are always too much dust on the toys surface. Firstly, you can use the cleanout fluid which is used for infant feeding-bottle cleaning to clean them, as for the too much dirt parts, you can use a brush to clean heavily, finally, cleaning them with a plenty of water and put them into the net bag to dry.

Stuffed animals toys

Put the infant specialized shampoo into the bucket and then pour into too much water, when there are too many foam in the bucket, throw the stuffed animals toys which you want to clean into water. For a while, the dirt will be released. Finally, dry them under the sunshine.

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