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Tips For Choosing The "right Dog"

Tips For Choosing The

When we choose a dog, how will we know what is the right dog for us

? What race will meet our expectations? Do all dogs of the same race are not necessarily identical? Should we choose a dog breeds or mixed? Puppy or adult? Male or female? How much importance should be attributed association to adopt a dog?

Of course all these questions, athere is no answers are crisp and clear but there are several variables that must be addressed to increase the chances of matching future between us and our dog.

First, it is important to define precisely as possible what we expect from the dog and not be satisfied with a general statement such as: "I want a dog Shar Pei" that these dogs may not fit our personalities and life style.

If we are interested in a dog in the house we have to think about the amount of physical activity and training required in it, the physical size and how much we want to have an interaction with the family? Or maybe we are looking for a dog that is very presentable and is built? Another consideration is the hair - hair loss, length and whether the family members who suffer from allergies. Body odor is also a consideration (Some dogs with severe body odor). does the is going to be a family dog for someone friendly at home? Should he be a daunting or inviting appearance (this definition of course there is plenty of room for personal interpretation).Tips For Choosing The

If we choose a dog - what job it is intended? If the dog is taken for sporting activities such as Agility trainer or Schutzhund titles? Any activity for a different dog.

First, we should examine how race may be appropriate. The way to do it is to place the dog in the most important parameters to look for the future and these components of the races. You can learn about the breed's suitability for our purposes of examining the original purpose. Does your dog originally was a pet dog or hunting dog? And if a dog is hunter ask of what kind? Is such an independent dog Saluki hunting or bloodhound trained to perform Ritribing such as Labrador? Does your dog is a dog who does defender in the service of security forces such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers? Is a natural guard dog? And so on.

There are many books about breeds of dogs and information network (though preferably limited to Web sites dedicated to each race in which we can learn about the wonderful qualities of race). When looking for the "right dog" we must examined along with the positive attributes the less desirable features that appear in any race.

Importantly, the fact that we have chosen a particular breed does not necessarily guarantee the specific Llachlveno take place all the basic features of the race. Within each race there are many differences in the nature of dogs and not always easy to tell what the final result; so we should try and learn as much as possible about his parents and the parents of parents in terms of behavior and character. In addition, you should learn about the place where the dog lived up to its purchase. Here also requires another decision - whether to choose a puppy or adult dog?

Growing puppy is a wonderful, enjoyable experience, especially if there are children at home: The dog provides an tired of attention, always happy to receive them and later years of handling dogs, children learn about responsibility.

In addition to our family puppy will associate more and be easier to mold it according to our desires but in practice this process requires patience and a little knowledge in raising puppies or at least assistance from a professional. In addition to taking the puppy is always a gamble, you never know for sure what will they get older hereditary characteristics.

Compared to adult dog puppy, whose character has been building to have the possibility to examine for ourselves the nature and behavior. But even here, please attach a reservation, because when we buy / adopt an adult dog can never be certain what he experiences a farm to get home.Tips For Choosing The

Another issue to decide is what kind of dog - male or female? In general, most female would be better like member in its family. Is more homey, tends the family context, the house and be more patient towards the environment. If we purchased a male and it is not intended or exhibitions Breeding Research Stem should then castrating before reaching sexual maturity (age 10 months).

One of the major dilemmas in choosing a dog is whether to buy a dog or adopt? This is largely a question of values, giving a home an abandoned dog is superior to that act encouraged but when we choose a family for many years is not always possible to anticipate and / or repair all drowning dog "street life" prior to adoption. Therefore, as far as I was glad to encourage the adoption of dogs can certainly understand the disclaimers that come with it. Adoption may prove quite a gamble and as such it may be successful or not.

As mentioned, choosing a dog is a complex process involving many considerations, along with personal preferences.

by: Rob Farris
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